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Teoresi S.p.A. | HQ in Turin (I)


Since 1987, Teoresi is taking part in the technological evolution strategies through a proactive collaboration with Enterprises, Research Centres, Universities and Financial Institutions, providing expertise and technologies, engineering services and solutions, systems integration competency, support and training.

2008 is a milestone in the company growth: Teoresi improves its “service attitude” transforming its organization into Teoresi Group, an engineering group facing the market with a well structured offering portfolio and a strong relationship with national & international technology partners.

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Teoresi, Inc. | HQ in Michigan (USA)


Teoresi, Inc., established in 2010, is the American subsidiary of the Teoresi Group headquartered in Troy, Michigan – USA.

The company focuses its activities in the automotive and industrial engineering market.

Teoresi Group decided to form the US branch to take its expertise into the heart of the world automotive engineering development.

Core business of Teoresi Inc are powertrain and infotainment technologies such as innovative human machine interface systems. Teoresi Inc. operates through a team of highly skilled engineers, active in MDS (modeling, design and simulation) and TIV (testing, integration and validation).

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Teoresi SA | HQ in Lugano (CH)


A new subsidiary opened in Switzerland in 2014.

On the international side, Teoresi Group keep increasing its presence, conscious of the importance of supporting  customers at their locations, plants and proving grounds.

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Teoresi GmbH | HQ in Munich (D)


Teoresi chooses Germany to strengthen its international operative presence and founds a new legal entity in the Group. The Teoresi GmbH established its headquarters in Munich and the first operative location in Stuttgart, both international areas for innovation and technological excellence with investment in Research and Development.

The opening of the new operative offices in February 2018 allows the Group to expand its activities towards industrial players active in some of the core businesses of Teoresi, such as transportation and mobility, rail, aerospace & defence and hi-tech industry. The strategic choice to be present in a stable manner in Baden Wurttemberg and in Bavaria will also allow to closely monitor the specific needs of the projects already active both in southern Germany and in the rest of country.

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ALTO Sistemi S.r.l. (now ICT Division of  the Teoresi Group)

ALTO sistemi started its own activity in 2002 as a “spinoff” from CSP-Innovation in ICT (www.csp.it). ALTO sistemi was dealing with communication technologies and was mainly focused on distributing multimedia content on IP protocol (VoIP, audio/video streaming, DTT, satellite communication)

In 2008, ALTO sistemi had become part of the Teoresi Group.

On Monday 30 July 2012, the Teoresi Group announced the merger by incorporation of ALTO Sistemi S.r.l. in Teoresi S.p.A.


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