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Formula SAE Italy – Formula Electric Italy – Formula Driverless 2018


Passionate like you

Teoresi is official sponsor for the third time of the competition, with previous Italian team sponsorships.

We have the same passion as you for automotive technology and racing cars.

This year we want to confirm our presence at the event with a special award.


Teoresi Group Special Award
Innovative Control Strategies in Electric and Driverless Vehicles

In 2018 we want to give importance to Innovative Control Strategies in Electric and Driverless Vehicles: the future in the automotive sector.

The award is addressed to the team which will design and implement innovative, efficient and reliable technologies for the optimization of strategies in driverless or electric vehicles.

  • For driverless vehicles, the automotive technical experts of Teoresi will evaluate in detail the performance of sensors, control algorithms, data integration and data fusion for obstacles detection and avoidance.
  • For electric vehicles, the experts will evaluate, materials, hardware and software solutions for battery management, energy harvesting and performance engine optimization.

The team will be awarded after a target analysis of the work done, that will be presented to Teoresi judges through an abstract (suggested) and an interview.

This is a way to know all the efforts, paying the deserved attention to the teams and their members.

Download the complete rulesTeam REPRESENTATIVE registration

The registration of at least one member of the team is required.

Scheduling a moment to speak with you will help us better assess the team.

Good luck to all the teams!



Fast Charge Team from Università La Sapienza (Rome) won Teoresi special prize 2018


"Passion is the engine" - Teoresi Video reportage and interviews from the 2018 event


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