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Here comes A.L.B.A., the first smart standalone wheelchair

November 5th, 2019 – Turin

It has been presented by the San Camillo hospital unit of Turin, partner center specialized in rehabilitation, A.L.B.A. (Advanced Light Body Assistance), the first smart wheelchair that improves the autonomy of people with physical disabilities. The goal of this system – of which Teoresi is one of the promoting companies – is to support the patient movements and to integrate the best technologies coming from the world of robotic and autonomous driving machines.

“With the A.L.B.A. project – says engineer Diego Tornese, Chief Corporate Development Officer of Teoresiwe have been able to combine our passion for technological challenges with one of our strongest beliefs, the sustainable innovation for life, environment and preservation of social inclusion. Thanks to the transposition of automotive standards and technologies, A.L.B.A. becomes a smart object that dialogues with the one that uses it and with the infrastructures, providing a complete independency to the final user.

In the project, Teoresi signed two important technological innovations: the ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and the implementation of vocal interfaces, based on Amazon Alexa. The new smart wheelchair will move in the conventional way, autonomously and through remote control too. A.L.B.A. interacts with infrastructures and can move from floor to floor by communicating directly with elevators: it is a system that could revolutionize in a concrete way users’ life. In Smart Cities development plans, working with a view of an integration of horizontal and vertical movements becomes a priority, with technologies which applies in different contexts in the daily life, in the private sphere, and in public places such as hospitals, clinics, airports, subways, museums, always keeping high the purpose of helping disadvantaged social groups.

The project, designed by Andrea Segato, Head of Markets Development of Teoresi, has been supported by Moschini S.p.A. Its key strength was due to partnerships between world leader firms in their respective sectors: San Camillo Hospital Unit, Teoresi, Amazon Alexa, STMicroelectronics, United Technologies Research Center, OTIS, Torino Wireless, R.Zenti, TwinPixel. A.L.B.A. will be on the market starting from 2020.



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