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Aerospace + Defence


aerospaceThe aerospace and defence markets are a competition arena for manufacturers and suppliers who are asked for a strong innovation capability, high quality work standards and efficiency in every step of project development.

The global challenges concerning security require the defense market to be technologically advanced in order to fully reduce human losses by means of highly precise and technologically advanced equipment and systems, fostering the innovation also in the civilian market.

Unmanned vehicles – UAV, UGC, UUV – for aerial, naval and ground interventions, satellite systems for space exploration, Earth observation, localization and radar systems for ground, sea and aerial transportations, are some of the fields of specialization Teoresi is focusing on, in order to offer to its clients increasingly advanced and performing systems.

Teoresi Group cooperates with top market players for the design, implementation, integration, and qualification of equipment and simulators, fixed-wing and rotary-wing avionics systems ,  satellites, ground and naval vehicles and advanced equipment, using the best procedures and industry standards.


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