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tlc_okThe realization of services based on a complex combination of technologies – for landline broadband networks and mobile lines – is the ground in which the players of the Telco & Media sector operate to meet the requirements for an increasingly digital, social and mobile society.

The impressive boost in the amount of data and the need of higher speed transfer rates, the continuous spread of new multi-device and social media services, the success of IoT with an ever greater number of smart connected objects, the need to store, analyze and deploy wide bulks of data, require ever changing technologies to guarantee a superior Service Quality and an excellent Customer Experience.

Tools for analysis and automated systems for search of multimedia content and big data become critical to transform information in a real asset for developing services for citizens and business.

The multi-market approach and the expertise acquired in fields such as electronics, telecommunication networks (VoIP, fixed, mobile and convergent networks), service delivery platforms, advanced Infotainment systems and Smart Mobility issues, make the Teoresi Group able to provide the Telco & Media companies with its own experience on the development of reliable and innovative systems, applications and services, in order to meet the challenges of an increasingly connected society.


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