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Intrepid Control Systems is a global provider of innovative tools to engineers in vehicle, test, and embedded engineering.

INTREPID CONTROL SYSTEMS: network solutions in the automotive sector


Intrepid provides a complete solution for the vehicle network analysis, testing, simulation, and automation. Combining SW and HW it is really simple to perform activities concerning many application fields: Vehicle Network bus analysis and simulation (CAN, LIN, GMLAN, FlexRay), Embedded data logging, Bench Tester with Runtime application, Video Data Logging…
Intrepid is always looking to the future of Automotive, investing in new technology such as:

  • Broad-Reach®: Ethernet technology targeted for Automotive
  • CAN-FD: Controller Area Networking expansion that enables larger data payloads and faster data rates than standard
  • … and much more


 Product Applications

  • Automotive Ethernet [more]
  • Multiple CAN, CAN-FD and LIN channels [more]
  • Embedded & PC Based Data Acquisition and Testing [more]
  • End-of-line/Bench tester application [more]
  • Hardware for third-parties software
  • Wireless/Fleet Data Logging
  • Reverse Engineering
  • Gateway functionality


Automotive Ethernet/BroadR-Reach® Support for advanced vehicle

The use of Ethernet represents a new trend in the networking of control units in motor vehicles. Ethernet is replacing classic automotive bus systems such as MOST, FlexRay, CAN, and LIN. The network speed and capacity made possible through Automotive Ethernet is enabling the automotive industry to develop increasingly advanced vehicle features such as adaptive cruise control, active lane departure, automatic parking systems and even fully autonomous vehicles. Intrepid’s popular Vehicle Spy software has full Ethernet support.

Intrepid has also published “Automotive Ethernet – The Definitive Guide“, which is the go-to reference book for Automotive Ethernet, featuring a intrepid2foreword by Bob Metcalfe, inventor of Ethernet. This book is intended to both provide background information on general networking concepts, and to explain technology that is unique to the automotive industry and automotive networking in particular.
The vehicle networking tools developed at Intrepid Control Systems—which support Ethernet as well as the other common networks—can be used in the development, testing, and validation of automotive network designs.

Target audiences:
1. Electronics engineers, network communication engineers, testers and technicians
2. Engineers and device manufacturers who already work with industry standard
conventional Ethernet implementations
3. Developers working in Android, Linux, iOS, Windows and other operating systems,
who are looking to capitalize on the growing application of Ethernet-related software
to the automotive world
4. College students focusing in areas such as electronics engineering and software

Contact us for more information about “Automotive Ethernet – The Definitive Guide” 

Read more about Automotive Ethernet Tools

Multiple CAN, CAN-FD and LIN channels for vehicle connectivity applications

Today’s vehicles are increasingly complex and are constantly pushing the limits on the number of CAN and LIN networks. Intrepid’s vehicle interface adaptors and loggers tackle this challenge head-on by providing multiple CAN and LIN channels in each device. Simply choose the device that best suits your needs -from those with few to those with many channels. neoVI FIRE 2 (8xCAN-FD, 4xLIN) Value CAN (2xCAN), neoVI FIRE (6xCAN, 4xLIN), neoVI ION (6-12xCAN, 5-10xLIN), and neoVI PLASMA (6-18x CAN, 5-15xLIN).

Learn how to get started with your hardware with Intrepid “Getting Started with CAN” training video.

Read more about Vehicle Interface Adaptors

Embedded & PC Based Data Acquisition and Testing

When you only require data, Intrepid tools can be easily used by technicians and non-technical people thanks to:

  • compatibility with many file formats like MDF and CSV
  • easy setup of ISO14229 (UDS), GMLAN, XCP, CCP, J1939 parameters

Read more about Data Loggers

End-of-line/Bench tester application

For this kind of application consider Vehicle Spy – Runtime software (VS3 EXE), if you are not required to modify a setup. Runtime version allows you to save money while taking advantage of all the features of Vehicle Spy Professional version and it can be used as a service/dealer or a test bench/dyno tool.



Read more about Vehicle Spy – Runtime Software


Vehicle Network Software
Intrepid Vehicle Network Software enables you to perform diagnostics, node/ECU Simulation, data acquisition, automated testing, memory edit or calibration, and vehicle network bus monitoring.
Read more →
Automotive Ethernet Tools
Intrepid tools for Automotive Ethernet solve the issue of standard Ethernet hardware which discard erroneous frames, making diagnosing problem conditions difficult.
Read more →
Vehicle Interface Adaptors
Intrepid vehicle interface adaptors include the best network interfaces providing multiple CAN/LIN channels in one tool and high quality tools for connecting your PC to a vehicle bus.
Read more →
Data Loggers
Intrepid offers specialized logging solutions for in-vehicle use on test drives or for test benches. Wherever the logging of measurement values from networked systems is required, Intrepid provides you with the following data loggers for the bus systems.
Read more →



Vehicle Spy brochure
neoVI Fire brochure
Using Vehicle Spy with Ethernet

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Automotive Ethernet - book preview

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