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Nutaq is leader in digital signal processing innovation. Nutaq is a leader in supplying digital signal processing (DSP) boards, systems, design services and OEM products for the Wireless, Scientific and Defense markets.

NUTAQ: FPGA-based DSP solutions


Innovative systems for digital signal processing
Nutaq provides Boards, Systems,, Reference Design and OEM products for wireless, scientific and defense application.

Nutaq products include multi-channel digitizers, RF transceivers for wireless , image processing and advanced scientific application. A wide range of products to fast develop:

  • Embedded systems
  • Test and Validation systems
  • SDR (Software-defined Radio) systems
  • Multi-channel Data Acquisition (DAQ)

Nutaq offering includes also system level design software through the MBDK (Model Based Design Kit). It is a tool for the Rapid System Level FPGA Development in MATLAB®/Simulink® and Xilinx System Generator for DSP.

Built on top of Nutaq BSDK, Nutaq Model-based design tools (MBDK) enables customers to design, simulate, test, debug and deploy applications from the Simulink graphical environment without the need of writing any VHDL or C code.

Teoresi distributes in Italy NUTAQ systems and solutions. A wide range of products to reduce development time.

Product lines

From RF transceivers to multi-channel DAQ digitizers, FPGA (Field-programmable gate array) and DSP-based (Digital Signal Processing) boards, all Nutaq products provide users with a flexible and modular design approach, which fits perfectly for every application area and existing systems.


Typical Configuration of SDR/DAQ Systems
SDR/DAQ systems can take multiple forms and have many levels of complexity, but they consist mainly of the same elements, usually arranged according to the basic configuration shown in the following figure:



Visit the blog and learn more about Nutaq products application.


NUTAQ Products

Software Defined Radio

Meet the challenges of SDR while shortening the development time and number of hardware cycles using Nutaq’s FPGA-based SDR systems, comprised of AMC & FMC cards. Read more →

Multichannel DAQ

Multichannel DAQ solutions are customizable, embedded solutions incorporating tremendous FPGA logic, storage interfaces, and high-speed multichannel A/D and D/A I/O that can be stacked together to form a complete N-channel turnkey DAQ solution. Read more →



FPGA-based, multichannel, high-speed DAQ solutions (Digitizer)
LTE Network-in-a-Box (SDR solution)
Digital Battlespace Environment Simulator using Nutaq’s hardware

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