Software and Solutions for Automotive ECU developing and vehicle testing. The RA Consulting (RA®) portfolio includes software to be used by the OEM, their Tier 1 suppliers and engineering partners in the Automotive industry.

RA Consulting: diagnostics and ECU calibration SW


For more than 25 years, RA Consulting GmbH (RA®) has been active in the area of software product development and professional IT services with the integration of mobile systems, telematic solutions for infomobility and custom solutions for specific applications.

RA® offers a wide range of powerful software products for the use in all the different areas of development for the automotive industry, which offer a complete support to manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers in diagnostics and ECUs (Electronic Control Units) calibration.
RA® products such as DiagRA® MCD Toolset and the Silver-Scan-Tool™ are used all over the world for the whole ECUs development process by automotive manufacturers and suppliers. RA Consulting offering includes also embedded diagnostic software for control tools, dataloggers and telematic units.

RA Consulting develops innovative telematic systems for remote diagnostics on every vehicle supporting OBD (on-board diagnostics) systems.

RA Consulting software support a wide range of interfaces for vehicle bus diagnostics.


 Product lines

  • DiagRA® MCD Toolset | Measurement – Calibration – Diagnostics [more]
  • Silver Scan-Tool™ | OBD – On Board Diagnostics [more]
  • RA® ODX Viewer Next Generation [more]
  • DaaS (Diagnostic as a Service) [more]


Target Users  Areas of application
  • Development engineers
  • Application engineers
  • Diagnostics engineers
  • Measurement technicians
  • Measurement
  • Calibration
  • Diagnostics
  • Data management
  • Documentation


RA Automotive products

DiagRA® MCD Toolset | Measurement – Calibration – Diagnostics

The DiagRA® MCD Toolset is a tool-box designed for electronic control units diagnostics and development in the automotive industry. It comprises of a set of three software options (DiagRA® M, DiagRA® C e DiagRA® D) which can be used separately or combined together in a single integrated and optimized environment. This allows to acquire and display diagnostic measurement values graphically using DiagRA® M and simultaneously, to calibrate with DiagRA® C.



Main features of DiagRA MCD toolset:

  • Modular, integrated toolset with measurement, calibration, diagnostics
  • Modules usable „stand-alone“
  • MCD at the same time by using the same communication device
  • Diagnostics data can be displayed and recorded with measurement option DiagRA M
  • Integration of tool Codes into DiagRA C (parameterization of diagnostics fault path manager DFPM)
  • Use of standard data formats for data exchange with other applications (CSV, MDF, DCM)
Read more about DiagRA D Read more about DiagRA MC


Silver Scan-Tool™ | OBD – On Board Diagnostics

Silver Scan-Tool™ – SST software provides test functionality for onboard diagnostics according to reference standards, from the most common to the innovative ones. This product is used by world class automotive manufacturers and main diagnostic services suppliers, as well as by governative agencies and authorities for the verification of OBD compliance.

Read more about Silver Scan Tool

RA® ODX Viewer Next Generation

To display, filter diagnostic data from ODX containers and to export them to various target data formats.


DaaS (Diagnostic as a Service)

The new DaaS “Diagnostic as a Service” system allows to collect diagnostics data from any vehicle supporting OBD systems.


RA Consulting Products

DiagRA D
DiagRA® D is the diagnostic option from the DiagRA® MCD Toolset for the selection of diagnostic data from vehicle control units.
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Silver Scan Tool
Silver Scan-Tool™ (SST) software provides test functionality for onboard diagnostics according to SAE J1979, SAE J1939 and ISO 27145.
Read more →
DiagRA® M is the measuring option from the DiagRA® MCD Toolset. With DiagRA® M you can acquire online the state variables for a vehicle from electronic control units and from measurement devices and display them both graphically and numerically.
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DiagRA D Datasheet
DiagRA MCD Datasheet
Silver Scan Tool Datasheet


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