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Information and communication technologies – ICT – have taken an increasingly cross-sector trend covering a broad business spectrum. According to this perspective, connectivity and system intelligence are the heart of the system, covering the entire production process from engineering design of electronic devices up to its final application in very different sectors like defense, home appliances, bio-medical, entertainment and others.

Connected objects communicating with each other generate big data which are, today, the base of complex societies. ICT, is now based on Internet of Things – IoT – and Internet of Data – IoD -, and it is evolving to the Future Internet. In the Internet of People wearable technologies become a way to describe reality through data generated by users during daily life activities. The outcome are big data that allow the development of  different personalized strategies, from individual behaviors to  the use of services, from complex projects development to the use of proximity services.

Teoresi Group offers to its clients a range of cross competences, ranging from design to software development, embedded and sensor systems, from IT security and performance simulation to satellite connectivity and VoIP, employing development competences in all the most popular and reliable programming languages in a Quality of Services perspective. These include design and development of enterprise management tools in java and .net, integrating competences in business intelligence for the advanced management of business processes and data analysis.


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