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Teoresi is one of the 400 companies in Italy whose employees are most happy to work for

The “TOP 400” survey conducted by the German research institute Statista for Panorama places Teoresi among the top 400 companies in Italy whose employees are most happy to work for. The research anonymously involved more than 15,000 workers in companies having more than 250 employees and at least one office in Italy.

The key question of the survey was: “On a 0-10 scale how likely would you recommend your company to an acquaintance or family member?”

Teoresi scored higher than average, ranking 22nd in the “Automobile and construction of vehicles (manufacturers and suppliers)” category, due to its historic engineering consultancy dedication, along with historical brands such as Ferrari, Automobili Lamborghini and Maserati.

Teoresi achieved its best ratings in the following categories: Image and Growth, including aspects related to the company management, goals to be achieved, the employees growth rate and the workers satisfaction compared to what the company provides, Development and perspectives, encouraging initiative and development of new ideas, and offering good possibilities for personal development, gender equal opportunities, training and development courses etc., and Relationship between team and managers, including aspects concerning the work organization, the relationship between colleagues and between colleagues and managers, and the managers contribution in critical situations).

Valter Brasso, President of Teoresi, comments the news: “We want to thank our colleagues and customers for having shown their esteem, highlighting what has always been one of our fundamental values: attention to people and their professionalism. This is a very welcome result, since it confirms and supports the commitment dedicated to the management of human resources. This recognition is a further incentive to do better, to make our employees more satisfied, to improve internal bonds, teamwork and relationships with our customers “.

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