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E-Mobility Tools

The future of Mobility is now

E-Mobility Tools

The future of Mobility is now


Electric vehicles have captured the interest of the general public. In addition to the usual challenges facing automotive electronics, electric vehicles require more ECUs, must handle more network traffic, and deal with more vehicle networks. These demands necessitate new, powerful hardware and software tools for testing and validation. This is especially the case for data logging, which also must contend with ever-increasing amounts of data to be captured, uploaded and analyzed.


The RAD-wBMS is an adaptor designed to interface between ADI’s electric vehicle wBMS and legacy test platforms in a variety of use cases. It contains ADI wBMS radios and isoSPI interfaces with which to control and configure the wireless network components along with DW CAN-FD, 100Base-T and USB interfaces with which to connect to legacy test platforms.

Network solutions in the automotive sector

Intrepid provides a complete solution for the vehicle network analysis, testing, simulation, and automation. Combining SW and HW it is really simple to perform activities concerning many application fields:

  • Vehicle Network bus analysis and simulation (CAN, LIN, GMLAN, FlexRay)
  • Embedded data logging
  • Bench Tester with Runtime application
  • Video Data Logging

Intrepid is always looking to the future of Automotive, investing in new technology such as Broad-Reach® (Ethernet technology targeted for Automotive), CAN-FD (Controller Area Networking expansion that enables larger data payloads and faster data rates than standard), and much more!

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