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Innovation is about doing more good

Innovation is about doing more good


Teoresi’s business choices are intended to design highly sustainable projects, from a human, environmental, and social perspective. The services we offer affect different areas and find concrete expression in several initiatives: our goal is to integrate this kind of effort in every phases of our processes. It is also why, terms as correctness, integrity, attention to people and respect for the environment and future generation find their place inside the Ethical Code we wrote. For all intents and purposes, these are the founding principles of Teoresi.

Company commitment

To give consistency to the principles that inspire us, we choose to accede to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), a collection of 17 global missions established by the United Nation Development Programme, with the purpose of ending poverty, protecting the Planet, and to guarantee prosperity for everybody, as part of a new sustainable development agenda.

There are many campaigns and collaborations that every year are activated and promoted by Teoresi, in partnership with voluntary associations and organizations constantly committed to supporting development projects on multiple levels.

Our Sustainability Report

In July 2023, we published our first Sustainability Report titled „A Sustainable Vision„, marking the beginning of a journey that embodies our commitment to continuous improvement.
This document represents our dedication to sustainability and provides an overview of our environmental, social, and governance (ESG) initiatives, the results achieved, future objectives, and the impact of our actions. 
We invite you to explore the report to discover our internal communication activities aimed at engaging colleagues, corporate events, our first green projects, and to understand how our research and development projects concretely reflect our commitment to sustainability.

Our sustainability projects

Just The Woman I Am is a 5-kilometer run-walk event, taking place since 2015 in the first week of March each year, organized by CUS Torino, Università di Torino and Politecnico di Torino, and born to support university research on health and cancer, promote prevention and healthy lifestyles, inclusion and gender equality

TeoRacers: step by step with JTWIA

Teamwork is the foremost value at Teoresi: on March 3rd, 2024, along the streets and squares of Turin, Modena, Milan, Naples, Bardonecchia, and many other places in Italy, almost 100 colleagues joined the run-walk event, involving their families and friends, equipped with Teoresi T-shirts and personalized race bibs, to contribute to coloring the cities pink and, step by step, generate a positive impact. 

Read more about JTWIA


Cartiera is an Italian ethical fashion laboratory that produces leather and fabric goods prioritizing ethical standards in each fold of its creations.
It offers concrete responses to the challenges of our time by creating employment, economically integrating migrants and asylum seekers, reviving qualified artisanship, repopulating former industrial areas, salvaging primary materials from disposal, and minimizing environmental impact in its production processes.

Everything has a second life: handmade tablet sleeves from materials to be disposed

In 2023 we have decided to gift all the group’s colleagues with a handmade tablet sleeve resulting from the special collaboration with Cartiera that gave a new lease of life to the banners and displays used during Connection Day 2022: it is more than just an accessory, each piece is a unique reminder of one of the most expected moments in our company life, a keepsake of our commitment to sustainability.

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Among the sustainable initiatives we give our support, there is the one to Esserci, a Piedmontese social cooperative, which has been providing human services for over 30 years, as a response to the needs of the local community. 

ExiToc smartphone wooden speakers: when craftsmanship meets sustainability

2023 gift for customers is a wooden speaker completed with a fabric reusable packaging, all made in Esserci Cooperative workshops Exito and Dui Toc.

This gadget promotes a circular and sustainable economy. It is inspired by the principles governing natural cycles based on biodiversity, transforming the waste from one link in the chain into usable material for the next link.
Wooden speakers are made using biomaterial (beech wood) that can rapidly sequester significant amounts of CO2 and other greenhouse gases. Packaging consists of a reusable bag created from remnants and reclaimed fabrics.

Esserci coop values human „diversity“ by integrating people in vulnerable situation into the production process.

Read more about the Wooden Speaker Cube

SustainABLE Mobility

We have chosen to join the „SustainABLE Mobility“ initiative, because it reflects our commitment both to social and environmental sustainability. 

This project involves the purchase of a fully electric minibus for people with disabilities, with the dual objective of offering support in transfers to easily reach work and training places, medical visits, out-of-town trips and to respect the environment thanks to the reduction of CO2 emissions.

Esserci, in fact, with one minibus, carries 500 people, offering a 24 hours active service, 365 days a year, covering over 18,000 km for 2,100 trips, involving at least two specialized drivers.
In 2023 the 9 seats mini-bus has become a reality!

Read more about the mini-bus and join Esserci projects!

Bamboo thermal mugs for a warm embrace to the nature

2022 gift for our colleagues is also a gift for the planet. It continues our commitment to sustainability and our goal of raising awareness among the recipients about the value and importance of sustainability.
With this in mind, we have decided to give the Teoresi community a branded thermal mug with an outer shell made of bamboo: a perennial plant, a highly sustainable resource due to its rapid growth and ability to regenerate after being harvested. It is a very durable, flexible and versatile material that can be used in many situations and is 100% eco-friendly.
This thermal mug is a perfect replacement for plastic bottles and it reduces waste.
Every small action in the right direction counts.


Since its foundation, Teoresi has supported LVIA’s projects, a cooperation and solidarity association that operates, now for over 50 years, to overcome extreme poverty, realize an equal and sustainable development, and to open a dialogue between Italian and African communities.

We are driving positive change, one drop at a time

We have decided to gift all our employees and collaborators with a branded steel water bottle by 24 bottles which guarantees its production in compliance with B Corp principles. 

On the bottle packaging, there is a space dedicated to the collaboration with LVIA, with the description of the development cooperation project for the improvement of the water conditions of some African populations, which Teoresi has decided to support by directing a contribution. 

As part of the CSR activities, the bottles project aims also at raising awareness about ecological issues, with particular attention to the consumption of plastic: in fact the Teoresi’s commitment to the reduction of plastic continues with the gradual replacement of the plastic bottles vending machines in Teoresi offices with free drinkable water dispensers. 

Riding bikes, bringing water

The campaign “Riding bikes, bringing water” was organized in 2019 in favor of LVIA’s initiative “Water is life”, and it was promoted during our Connection Day 2019. During the convention, the installation of two bicycles in the foyer, let every participant to literally ride toward a common aim: the creation of a well in the Afar Region (Northern Ethiopia) to play a part in the improvement of the living conditions of pastoral communities and the site, which are often subject to humanitarian crisis related to droughts.

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Solidarity calendar

For many years the collaboration was characterized by the creation of a customized calendar.

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The only web platform that allows to remotely plant a tree and follow it online: since its foundation, Treedom has grown more than 600.000 trees in Africa, Latin America, Asia and Italy, all planted by local farmers.

A tree is for life. Season’s greetings 2018

Since it fully shares the same spirit and ambitions of sustainability, Teoresi picked Treedom as its partner for the project “A tree is for life”, to plant a 750 fruit trees forest in Kenya. Every employee has in fact received a tree as a gift, which provided economic support to developing populations through the harvest of the fruits, besides improving the air we breath.

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Shaping the future together

Moreover, 100 plants more in Cameroon gave birth to the “Shaping the future together“ forest, born as a further tangible sign of the effort, made by Teoresi, to build a better future.
To date, only through these two campaigns (they were respectively in Christmas 2018 and during the Shaping the Future Together 2019 event) we helped the absorption of 253.000 kg of CO2 from the atmosphere. And it is only the beginning.

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Connection Day 2022: our 35th anniversary forest

On the occasion of Connection Day 2022, we decided to dedicate a forest to all the participants in the event. Two years after the last in-person event, we were back live with the corporate meeting that brings together Teoresi colleagues from around the world to celebrate our 35 years of activity, spent with a commitment to creating conditions that can improve and generate opportunities for growth and well-being for all.
546 trees, one for each participant, were planted in Africa and South America: a lasting gift for us and for the good of future generations.


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