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automotiveThe latest evolutions in the automotive industry are characterized by the development of hybrid and electric engines, and increasingly connected concept cars/ Read more →


Industrial and agricultural vehicles are an essential support to productive activities in several areas/ Read more →


One of the most traditional transportation system is experiencing a big development process thanks to its high technology content and sustainable aspects/ Read more →

Aerospace + Defence

Innovation capability, high quality standards and efficiency are essential aspects for manufacturers and suppliers of this challenging industry/ Read more →

Home appliances

Smart and connected household appliances in day-to-day life are now a worldwide trend/ Read more →


Medical care is moving towards an innovation synthesis between mechanics, electronics, telecommunication and big data/ Read more →

Financial services

An increasingly interconnected financial world requires a strengthened relationship between reliability, security, and accessibility to services/ Read more →

TLC + Media

An increasingly digital, social and mobile society is a competition field for TLC+Media players, who operate to realize services based on a complex combination of technologies/ Read more →

Energy + Resources

The Teoresi Group operates in the energy market by implementing its strong competencies in design, modeling, complex systems development and management/ Read more →

Hw + Sw Services

Hardware design and software development cross several productive fields in which the Teoresi Group is committed to offer consulting, design and development services./ Read more →

Public + University

Teoresi is a partner for the design and the development of tools and services for public administrations, governmental organizations, local and national institutions./ Read more →

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