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Technological scenarios become innovation especially when they take care of environmental and social sustainability. The topics explored in this insight section offer an informative point of view, with no claim to be exhaustive, with respect to technologies and issues that Teoresi deals with on a daily basis. Themes that affect everyone’s professional and private life, from Smart Mobility to Life Sciences, looking to the incredible world of Artificial Intelligence that lives already in our daily lives.

INSIGHT Smart Mobility Now and the future.

Mobility is changing.  The three main influencing factors are the demographic increase in urban areas, technological development and an increasing focus on sustainability and respect for the environment.

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INSIGHT Technologies for life Digital technologies for Healthcare

Life sciences encompass a range of knowledge that touches on very different aspects. The basis is biology, the study of physical and chemical processes that characterise living systems. From this, come fields of application such as biochemistry, molecular analysis, genetics, physiology, up to emerging processes that regulate development and adaptation, the assessment of behaviour and the interaction between organisms.

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INSIGHT Artificial Intelligence How far is the future?

The Artificial Intelligence can be defined as the branch of computer science that enables in machines the computational and logical capabilities usually considered typical of humans, such as decision-making capacity, space-time perception of the environment where the machine is located and the ability to recognise images and objects.

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INSIGHT Driverless YOYO The incredible story of a mini-car we made smart

After several years of study and design, both to meet customer demands and to develop proof of concepts, we decided to take on an ambitious challenge: transforming a vehicle into a smart car. Our collaboration with XEV allowed us to create a prototype of a driverless car based on the electric city car YOYO. But what were the challenges we had to overcome? What does a vehicle need to see, perceive, and decide when on the road, and how can technology replace human drivers, reducing errors and dangers?

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INSIGHT The future of Teoresi is Agile Flexibility, collaboration, and quick response to changes

The Agile methodology, born in 2001 as a response to traditional software development processes, represents an optimizing approach to work and project management. It values short-term planning, promotes constant collaboration, and continuous improvement. Today, extendable to any type of project, it is based on incremental and iterative development, supported by constant empirical feedback. Results stem from the collaborative activity of small, self-organized, cross-functional teams. At Teoresi, Agile evolution is driven by training – essential for embracing the mindset – led by constantly updated and certified colleagues serving as Agile Coaches.

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