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The future of Teoresi is Agile

Flexibility, collaboration, and quick response to changes

The future of Teoresi is Agile

Flexibility, collaboration, and quick response to changes


Agile culture

Agile is a work and management approach that introduces and enhances short-term planning, emphasizing constant collaboration and improvement. Work teams adopt a cycle of planning, execution, and evaluation to dynamically adapt to project needs.

The Agile mindset emerged in 2001 as an alternative to traditional software development processes, such as the Waterfall model, which relies heavily on documentation. Agile is now applicable to any project, employing an incremental and iterative development approach supported by constant empirical feedback. Results stem from collaborative efforts by small, self-organized, and cross-functional teams.

The construction of a corporate culture that prioritizes goals and people over best practices, procedures, and corporate policies is becoming increasingly widespread. The keywords for generating innovation are collaboration, transparency, capability, creativity, customer centrality, and employee well-being.

Individuals and interactions over processes and tools

Agile Manifesto
The Agile Mindset at Teoresi

The key to adopting the Agile mindset is training.
At Teoresi, evolution is driven by empowering people through the design and implementation of individual training paths aimed at maximizing each person’s potential and skills, contributing to the overall growth of the organization. The internal course “Agile Principles and Mindset” conducted by certified Agile Coaches, and the Short Academy, a training program in collaboration with the University of Naples Federico II, exemplify the group’s commitment in this direction.