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All talents start somewhere

All talents start somewhere


Taking part in the TEORESI THESIS&INTERNSHIP program gives you the opportunity to get in touch with innovative topics and projects characterized by high technological content.
Your path in Teoresi will be focused on real projects that will offer you the chance to prove yourself in concrete activities carried out within our teams. You will increase your skills while finishing your studies to get prepared for the work world.

You will get in touch with all the people involved who will support and train you: the Talent specialists, who will get you familiarized with the company, the sector experts with whom you will define your project enhancing the scientific aspects of your experience, and you will get to know the business side through our managers.

Our thesis and internship program will allow you to:

  • Work closely with teams of experts dedicated to the most complex technological challenges
  • Discover with us in which sector your career can evolve
  • Understand the organizational dynamic of a company working in technologically advanced sectors
  • Learn what it means to develop a project within a team
  • Conquer in the field the opportunity of a subsequent employment contract

To whom is it addressed?

The Thesis & internships program is designed for young undergraduates of Engineering and Computer Science faculties:
Conclude your study plan with a thesis in the field of innovative technologies that characterize the Teoresi projects. You will have the best tutors to help you define topics and characteristics of your project as well as the opportunity to be employed in Teoresi once graduated.

Where is it held?

The activities will be held at the Teoresi Group office locations

How to participate?

Apply at thesisandinternships@teoresigroup.com to propose and design your project and check with us the best path to follow.

Discover the available thesis or internship proposals