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We offer you the opportunity to generate innovation

We offer you the opportunity to generate innovation

People come first

This is the main concept of Teoresi’s philosophy. Not only in the professional approach, with attention to the customer in the different phases of a project, but primarily within the company, as the creation of a culture of collaboration that results in the idea that teamwork is the essential engine for the growth of the individual talents belonging to it. Teoresi has chosen innovation, the openness to complementarity and heterogeneity of skills.

Research and development is one of our focuses

We are a company who deals with the themes of contemporary culture, who opens up with curiosity to the technology conquers. A company who has chosen to keep learning and grow, strongly focused on research and development projects where to share and increase cutting-edge competencies.

We endorse teamwork

We consider proactiveness as an essential element in a team play. Being able to measure resourcefulness and the desire to learn in a work group are necessary for achieving individual success.

We give value to diversity

We support diversity because we consider it to be a strength for the growth of every company, because only through inclusive processes it is possible to understand change to better address the needs of a constantly evolving market.
Diversity is a value that generates innovation, in Teoresi we know that managing it means first of all giving value to the uniqueness of each collaborator.

We have an international mindset

With offices in Europe and the United States, we work on activities all over the world: our global presence together with our natural aptitude to interdisciplinarity of knowledge allow us to offer our talents international career opportunities.

We are transparent

Our selection and hiring processes are based on the principles of transparency and impartiality. We evaluate technical competencies, soft skills, and motivation.
Each candidate will be selected in compliance with equal opportunity and against all forms of discrimination based on gender, age, sexual orientation, race, ethnicity, disability, and religion.

Are you a student?

Taking part at the TEORESI Internship & Thesis program gives you the opportunity to get in touch with innovative topics and projects characterized by high technological content.
Your path in Teoresi will be focused on real projects that will offer you the chance to prove yourself in concrete activities carried out within our teams. You will increase your skills while finishing your studies to get prepared for the work world.

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