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About us

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TIMELINE We have been imagining technology since the beginning
1987 Foundation

Teoresi was born in Turin, an IT consulting company that operates – for the next 15 years – in the sale of software for scientific computing, model-based design and virtual prototyping of graphic interfaces. Thanks to the collaboration with the best companies overseas, Teoresi brings in Italy innovative technologies and develops strong application skills.

2002 Consultancy

Teoresi, pioneer of model-based design in system design, simulation, and validation, opens up to the engineering consulting market with a focus on the automotive and telecommunications sectors.

2008 Globalization

Teoresi is accredited in the engineering services sector and, with the opening of new offices in Italy and abroad, develops a strongly cross-industry international offer. The Teoresi Group is born.

2017 Awareness

Teoresi reaches more than 500 employees and turns 30 years old. With customers in the most important industrial sectors, Teoresi opens offices in Germany and invests in innovative fields such as electric vehicles and IoT technologies.

2020 Re-imagine

A development plan that aims at international growth and offering of end-to-end services. Teoresi strengthens its business model with a project approach that focuses on work packages and value added innovative solutions. Thanks to new project management methodologies it improves the knowledge management and defines new professional figures for each technological domain.

our values
OUR VALUES Customer centric

For us, achieving customer satisfaction means providing efficient and solid technological solutions in line with the needs expressed by the customer, seeking the opportunity to offer an excellent service in each project.

OUR VALUES People first

We provide opportunity and nurture talents. We believe that a team of well-trained individuals with diverse backgrounds and experiences, working together in an environment that fosters respect and drives high levels of engagement, is essential to our success and growth.

OUR VALUES Continuous improvement

We are a learning organization that aims to anticipate and respond to changing customer and market needs through constant commitment to promoting innovation and excellence culture.

OUR VALUES Integrity and Credibility

We act with uncompromising integrity and honesty as individuals, as teams, and as a company. The credibility that the honest behavior of each collaborator can bring to the company is one of our main goals, and it is essential for long-term personal and business relationships.

OUR VALUES Inspiring innovation

We are committed to being innovative. Innovation is the practical expression of imagination. It turns ideas into reality. Teoresi provides the environment that supports this expression, seeing opportunities for innovation in our projects and in our customers’ solutions.

OUR VALUES Global mindset

Teoresi makes internationality a fundamental aspect of its organization, a combination of openness and awareness of the diversities that characterize cultures and markets, aware that a global mindset can keep bringing innovation and excellence in each one’s work.

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