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Connection Day 2019 – Invisible Cities. Curiosity is exploring other worlds

A journey supported by common core values, a path of knowledge in which every moment, more than an ending point, is an opportunity to grow and develop towards new challenges.

Held in Riccione, the annual Connection Day meeting led 800 Teoresi employees through the discovery of the words of Italian author Italo Calvino and his Invisible Cities, utopian worlds used as models to understand the concepts and the themes behind the daily work of the Group.

The convention was opened by science writer Massimo Temporelli, starting from Fedora, the city of knowledge and innovation, where the passage from 0 to 1, or from Invisible to Visible, is the continuous attempt to give shape and volume to what earlier was just an idea. This approach was the interpretative key of the following contributions, delivered by the representatives of six teams of designers who have been working on projects that were recently born, or that are about to come out, thanks to the synergic job of different units.

In the city of solidity and awareness, Ottavia, SDA Bocconi professor Marco Morelli analyzed which are the parameters to evaluate the consistency of a firm, in order to explain how, as in the case of Teoresi, it mostly relies on its employees: “You are a People Company”.

Physicist and storyteller Gabriella Greison pointed out the force of some less known historical characters who, however, were able to change the status quo with their tenancy: Eutropia, the city of change, was the stage where the story of Hedy Lamarr, from Hollywood actress to Lady Bluetooth, came to life.

Instead, perseverance is what guides Chiara Montanari, expedition chief in Antarctica, in her daily challenges. Her Calvinian city was Eufemia, the symbol of trust: while she was referring to herself as a “Life Explorer”, she explained how to face uncertainty through increasing resilience.

In the city of Leonia, the sustainability topic has been discussed from a double point of view: “environmental” with scientist Stefano Mancuso, and “ethical” (between life choices and social commitment) with economist Luciano Canova.  This concept was also recovered by the initiative in support of LVIA project “Acqua è vita” (Water is life), which purpose is to contribute to the improvement of living conditions of the pastoralist communities that, coming from the Afar region of Ethiopia, are more exposed to the humanitarian crisis generated by cyclic droughts. So, with two bicycles installed in the foyer, every participant was able to actively help the cause, until the goal (the construction of a well) was finally achieved.

The journey ended with the words of Teoresi president and CEO Valter Brasso, which summarize the general spirit of the company and employees job: “Curiosity is a fundamental element in our Group: it means innovation, and discovery of new frontiers. We leave you the pleasure of finding and exploring them ”.