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II Forum Nazionale di Etica civile

April 1-2, Milan

The event will take place at Centro San Fedele in Milan, on the occasion of the 2nd Forum Nazionale di Etica civile, to find again the reasons to live well together, in our cities, in our country, and in the global society.

The meeting is dedicated to civil ethics, citizenship, and more, and it is an opportunity for dialogue, for sharing different points of view about a matter which definitely is a priority of present and future days.

Teoresi joins this path by participating in the Forum with a speech of its president Valter Brasso, during the session coordinated by Gianfranco Cattai, Focsiv president. A story about an entrepreneurial experience lived with will to maintain the same values, priorities and attention to people of everyday life.

Click here for all the information about the forum and  the complete agenda.