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30th Anniversary

On June 1st, 1987, the first office of Teoresi was opened in Turin, at via Padova 33, in a small apartment in the heart of Aurora, historical manufacturing district of the city.

As a matter of fact, Teoresi was born two months earlier, on April 23rd, but our story really starts with the opening of the office and the arrival of Daniela, the first employee of the Group.

It would be rhetorical to say that Teoresi was born from an entrepreneurial will. So, we want to say that Teoresi was born from a dream: innovating the world. Founded by two young IT consultants in an historical moment when Italy and Europe were technologically far away from the United States, Teoresi takes on the challenge of bridging this gap by adopting new tools and energies.

Today we are 30 and we don’t stop dreaming.

30 years of people, over 1100, who have chosen to take part in this project and who have been life for an organization made of skills, collaboration and human relations.

30 years of challenges and new ideas which led Teoresi to grow its competencies. Today we are proud to include among our customers many excellent Italian and international companies, and to work in more than 50 operative locations all over the world.

30 years of good and bad weather. But we work to be always well-equipped… with knowledge, experiences and the talent of our team.

A lot has changed since that Monday three decades ago, but many things have remained the same: Valter Brasso, co-founder and today stakeholder and President of Teoresi, our first colleague Daniela, who is still working with us after many years, the curiosity, the spirit of discovery, the passion for technology and innovation, the will to play as a team.

We have grown up, but we stay young.

And sorry, but we just can’t stop dreaming.

Happy birthday Teoresi!