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Teoresi welcomes MediCon Ingegneria

Connecting Spaces: A Smarter City with the Acquisition of IO.T Solutions

In an already vibrant autumn in terms of M&A activities, Teoresi Group announces today, October 17, 2023, the successful completion of the acquisition of 100% shares of Io.T Solutions, a company in which Teoresi had previously played the role of an angel investor. 

Io.T Solutions is a Milan-based company specializing in smart building technologies and solutions to enhance work comfort, optimize building management, and reduce energy consumption. 

This new acquisition aligns with Teoresi’s strategy to expand in the smart city market, allowing the Group to extend its expertise from sustainable mobility technologies to specific solutions for intelligent buildings. 

In particular, thanks to DINA – Connecting Spaces, the software platform dedicated to facility managers. It is possible to monitor and analyze data on building energy consumption and people flows to optimize resources, access to spaces and services provided within.  

With this acquisition, Teoresi gains a valuable asset that enriches its portfolio of proprietary solutions to implement and offer to the market and customers. 

The integration of Io.T Solutions is part of a rapid external growth process that, since 2023, has been contributing to the expansion of Teoresi’s expertise in strategic and socially impactful sectors (medtech, connected mobility, smart factory), as well as in cloud and software development. 

To learn more and read the words of President Valter Brasso following the acquisition, we invite you to read our press release at this link.


Last June marked the launch of the first edition of the Innovation Hack Award: a call for ideas conceived by Teoresi’s Innovation team aimed at all colleagues within the Group. Participants were invited to form teams and choose an area of interest among the main markets where our Company operates, including Smart Mobility, Agritech, Fintech, Smart Home, and Life Sciences. They were also encouraged to explore broader themes related to cutting-edge technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, Robotics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, and Blockchain.  


To think innovatively and originally about solving a problem or improving a process. The contest took place over the summer months and led to the selection of three proposals in September by an internal technical committee composed of representatives with diverse and cross-disciplinary expertise.  

The three finalist teams were selected based on technical criteria, including project feasibility, level of technological maturity, and the degree of innovation in the solution. At the same time, marketing aspects were taken into account, such as the idea’s market value, alignment with Teoresi’s vision and business model, the ability to meet customer needs, as well as organizational aspects and project sustainability from the prototyping phase to the market launch.  

On October 7th, at Palacongressi Rimini, the finalists competed on the grand stage of Connection Day 2023 to present their projects through an elevator pitch: ideas condensed into a short speech designed to capture the audience’s attention in the time it takes for an elevator ride. In its concept, the elevator pitch is precisely that short intervention that can change your life and provide an extraordinary opportunity. With this approach, the finalist teams prepared for their seven minutes in the limelight! At the end of the time,  two additional juries, one external, composed of professionals from the research and industry world and the other represented by all the colleagues present at the event, evaluated the proposals to determine the winner. 

The Spotless Mind team, with the project MEET ME IN MONTAUK, gathered the highest score based on the average votes given by the two juries. 

The proposal develops a solution targeting the Life Science sector using Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality. This solution would allow, particularly elderly people or individuals facing amnesia due to degenerative or temporary situations to preserve and relive their memories. 

Virtual reality can enable a more immersive reliving of memories, while AI is tasked with managing the initial information flow, customization of the therapeutic session, and analysis of patient feedback. 


In the coming months, the winning team, in addition to the trophy received on stage, will be supported by Teoresi in terms of financial and organizational resources. Furthermore, each team member will receive a personal award for their commitment and involvement over the months. 

This initiative fits into the broader context of Teoresi’s vision towards talents within the company, promoting the spread of a creative approach to the ideation of cutting-edge technological solutions, and encouraging taking advantage of cross-disciplinary influences from various fields, not only related to the scientific domain.  

Meet Me in Montauk represents an excellent synthesis of this approach, in line with Teoresi’s mission of “engineering for human life.” 

Congratulations to the winning team and to all participants in the first edition of the Innovation Hack Award.  

The dream continues and remember that the next edition of the contest is just around the corner! 

“For us, the Innovation Hack Award and the ideation process of Meet Me in Montauk, besides being an opportunity to challenge ourselves, represented a moment to think outside the box, making our passions the project’s primary need and a way to express our know-how and personalities. Taking up the theme of Connection Day 2023, we started with a dream and, step by step, contextualized it, we saw it materialize into a well-structured solution, where every technology finds its specific place. Our driving force? Ambition and dedication.”

The Spotless Mind team

CONNECTION DAY 2023: Don’t be afraid, dream big!

Just a few days remain until Connection Day 2023, the annual convention dedicated to all employees and collaborators of the Teoresi Group, set to take place on Saturday, October 7th in Rimini at the Palacongressi venue. 

The 2023 edition kicks off with an ambitious invitation that will define every moment of the day: Dream Big: unleash your creativity and innovation.  

What better theme for a company that was born from a dream? This is the dream of its founder and president, Valter Brasso, who, in a balance between rationality and ambition, turned his greatest aspiration into reality. And this year, he can proudly announce a record-breaking attendance at the event (we will be more than a thousand participants!). 

The Connection Day 2023 will guide its attendees on a journey where the boundaries between dreams and reality will be blurred. After all, Federico Fellini, the director born in Rimini over a hundred years ago, once said, “There is nothing more honest than a dream,” believing that dreams were the stratagem of our psyche to access deeper truths beyond what is visible, allowing us to uncover our true passions and motivations. 

For this reason, event guests and speakers have been encouraged to dream big and share their “big” dreams with the audience, drawing inspiration from the cinematic legacy of the director. 

A journey into our aspirations and inspirations.

In the first part of the day, during the convention, exceptional speakers and guests will take the stage at Palacongressi. Starting from their aspirations, they will provide collective insights and inspirations, stimulating the audience with current and challenging themes. We are delighted to have on stage: 

  • Andrea Marchesini Reggiani, founder of Cartiera – an ethical fashion lab, will challenge the very notion of “waste,” inviting reflection on the “second chance” that both ourselves and things can have in life. 
  • Alessandro Ossola, Paralympic athlete of the Italian National Athletics Team, will guide us in redefining the concepts of diversity and inclusion, prompting us to reflect on ways to tackle what sometimes seems impossible in certain challenges. 

The roundtable with the most participants will focus on reviewing our involvement with MOST (Center for Sustainable Mobility), coordinated by Marco Bazzani, Teoresi’s Innovation Manager, together with: 

Representative voices from the business and academic worlds will illustrate the synergies between the two realms, providing us with a “future-proof” vision of sustainable mobility, especially focusing on urban air mobility developments. 

The event will also be the occasion to announce the winners of the Innovation Hack Award, an internal challenge within the Teoresi Group that engaged all colleagues in conceiving and presenting innovative solutions for the markets in which our Group operates. The speeches of the finalists, along with involvement from an external jury and one composed of fellow colleagues, will undoubtedly make the award ceremony for the most “disruptive” idea both thrilling and surprising. 

For this occasion, we are pleased to have Diletta Parlangeli as the event host. She is a journalist, presenter, and author, an expert in technologies and trends in the digital world, thanks to her experience gained during the three editions of Play Digital and her numerous collaborations in industry events. 

But when does the dream end?

The event will continue through the streets of Borgo San Giuliano, the true cinematic set of the day, featuring an aperitif showcasing local excellences and itinerant artistic performances. It will culminate in the evening at Altromondo Studios! 

Indeed, Connection Day 2023 will be a day where we strive to transform dreams into reality, shaping the future (not just Teoresi’s) into a new and brilliant form. 

Do not be afraid, dream big. 

Well begun… The first day at Teoresi from the HR Talent team’s point of view

September is the month of new beginnings: a new school year begins, business activities restart, and often new professional projects are undertaken. The new season brings an energy that encourages renewal, and in this atmosphere, we met those at Teoresi who, in their roles, assist their colleagues in their early days at the company.

Sabrina Maniscalco, Senior HR Talent Expert at Teoresi, shared her perspective on onboarding with us, some behind-the-scenes insights into her work, and some tips for newcomers.

What does your role entail?

I oversee a significant portion of the employee lifecycle at Teoresi, from the onboarding stages (starting from contract signing, the actual first day!) to skills development, and even through to potential resignations. The role I hold also serves as a point of reference, both for colleagues and their direct supervisors, for needs related to their professional growth, career path evolution, and much more.

How important is the first day?

On the first day at the company, everyone, in their own way, realizes that they have made a choice that will lead them, in the first few weeks, to experience a series of ‘firsts’: the first meetings with new colleagues, activities in unfamiliar offices and spaces, meetings with internal and external contacts, the first coffee breaks.
The first day marks the beginning of a unique work journey: what happens in the first days is crucial, whether it’s your first job or a new work experience, as it helps shape a perception that, although it may change over time, will inevitably influence the subsequent steps.

What aspects stand out to you the most about newcomers during their first days?

There are several aspects that stand out to me, especially on the day of contract signing: availability, punctuality and care in reporting any delays are valuable signals of how a person integrates into the work environment. I’m particularly impressed by those who come in well-informed, especially the youngest generations who demonstrate the motivation that guided their choice.

Why have our colleagues chosen Teoresi?

The results of an internal questionnaire confirm that 50% of the interviewed colleagues chose our company for their strong interest in our projects, the trust conveyed by managers during the selection process, and the professional career opportunities we offer.

What advice do you give to those about to experience their first day at Teoresi?

Don’t be afraid to ask: often, people tend to hold back doubts or questions, but asking is a fundamental way to learn and integrate better into the work environment. No question is too trivial when it comes to learning.
Smile! A positive and friendly attitude can make a difference in building relationships and integrating into the team.
And be curious: ask, explore, try to understand how the company operates and how you can contribute to its success. Curiosity will help you grow and stand out.

Do you want to discover what your first day at Teoresi has in store? Start your career here.

Expanding knowledge in Med Tech: Teoresi acquires MediCon Ingegneria to expand its offering in the life sciences sector

On September 11, 2023, the Teoresi Group has announced the acquisition of MediCon Ingegneria, an Italian company highly specialized in the research, design, development, and certification of medical devices.

Teoresi Group is expanding its engineering knowledge to offer even more comprehensive and advanced solutions in the Life Science sector, by incorporating MediCon Ingegneria’s highly specialized know-how in the field of chips and miniaturized electronic solutions, as well as of specific regulations and certifications within the medical technology industry.

Elective Affinities

Both Teoresi and MediCon Ingegneria possess solid engineering competencies, a strong inclination for experimentation in cutting-edge technologies, and a common objective: bringing innovation to a high-impact sector such as life sciences.
In recent years, Teoresi has increased its activities in the Med Tech sector with significant investments in innovation and research, undertaking projects in the field of oncological therapy. From its birth, MediCon Ingegneria has specialized in the realm of medical devices and has realized projects ranging from the development of life-saving extracorporeal circulation devices to wearables that monitor patients’ biometric data.

Technological complementarity and a shared mission are thus at the foundation of this operation that will lead Teoresi Group to grow in the Life Sciences sector.

The acquisition of MediCon is part of Teoresi Group’s external growth strategy started in January 2023 with the acquisitions of HiFuture and BindingFuture. This third acquisition is part of the Group’s growth strategy and market diversification: by expanding its offerings and transferring expertise developed in other sectors such as automotive, railway, and aerospace to the life sciences, the Group aims to innovate Med Tech, a sector it has been investing in for several years and that perfectly reflects Teoresi’s commitment to improving people’s lives, who are both the protagonists and ultimate beneficiaries of research.

This too is “Engineering for human life.” For more information, please read the press release.

New EinScan H2: redefining 3D scanning for precision and realism

We are pleased to unveil the latest innovation in 3D scanning technology: the EinScan H2 by SHINING 3D
The EinScan H2 represents a remarkable step forward compared to its predecessor, the EinScan H, offering a significant evolution in terms of realism, accuracy, and quality of data acquired.

Whats new in the new version?
  • 5MP resolution texture camera and 3 infrared VCSEL projectors to guarantee photorealistic textures
  • Ultra-wide FOV and Adjustable Working Distance to offer flexibility in scanning volume
  • Flashless infrared technology and algorithms implemented to ensure optimal comfort and accuracy during face and body 3D scanning

The EinScan H2 is the ideal 3D scanning tool to improve your workflow. 

Explore technical specifications, uses and applications on the page dedicated to structured light portable 3D scanners.

    Teorace: Teoresi keeps whizzing with Formula SAE Italy 2023

    Just one mile away from a decade-long sponsorship, Teoresi will be one of the official sponsors for the 18th edition of Formula SAE Italy.

    From July 12th to 16th, the “Riccardo Paletti” circuit in Varano de’ Melegari (PR) will be the stage of this exciting competition, involving teams of engineering students from all over the world who, immersed in a Formula 1 atmosphere, will challenge each other on the track with combustion, electric, or driverless race car prototypes.

    What makes these prototypes so special? They are designed, built and tested by the students themselves!
    What are they equipped with? The most powerful engines of all: determination and creativity.

    Teoresi, which has always promoted talent, year after year continues to encourage and support the dedication and passion of these budding talents through TeoRace, the race within the race, which will award the winning team a special prize.

    TeoRace 2023: the Teoresi Special Award 2023

    “Electronics development process:
    innovative controls, methods and architectures”

    The team that will stand out the most for mastering vehicle electronics development processes – with particular attention to controls, methods, and architectures – will not only receive the TeoRace Cup but will also gain access to the valuable Intrepid Control Systems tools for onboard communication network management, diagnostics, and calibration.

    A team of automotive expert from Teoresi, led by our judges Alberto Bertone, Massimiliano Curti and Bernardo Sessa, will evaluate the participants’ work. Click for more information.

    Winners 2022: “Passion is our fuel.”

    If you want to know what makes the Formula SAE atmosphere so special, don’t miss the words of the winners of TeoRace2022: the Unina Corse team from the University of Naples Federico II. Over the last months, the team members shared with us the strong passion that drives them to participate and the impact this experience has on their professional and personal lives. Discover their words!

    Sun is shining in the Industry 4.0: Teoresi and SHINING 3D now partner in 3D scanning technologies

    Summer begins with a new partnership at Teoresi! SHINING 3D, a company specialized in the development and production of high-precision 3D digitization devices, joins the select circle of our company’s technology partners.

    Founded in China in 2004, SHINING 3D has quickly gained global recognition by offering a wide range of comprehensive solutions, including portable 3D scanners, desktop scanners, and 3D inspection systems.

    With over 18 years of experience, SHINING 3D has developed proprietary technologies for 3D scanning systems using LED light, laser light, and dual-light source, as well as solutions for high-precision automated 3D visual inspection, portable optical tracking systems, and AI-based 3D visual guidance and digital light processing (DLP) technologies.

    Teoresi becomes the official distributor of SHINING 3D products in Italy.

    “We are delighted to cooperate with SHINING 3D, a reliable and globally renowned partner for the development and production of 3D scanners. This new agreement enlarges our product offering and will reinforce our positioning in the Italian 3D market,” says Silvano Tieghi, Global Product Business Development Manager at Teoresi. “We will be able to provide new and effective solutions to the Italian Industry 4.0 companies as well as universities and the education market, by providing the customers with complete solutions for 3D modeling, reverse engineering and metrology applications “.

    “We are thrilled to collaborate with Teoresi! This partnership will enhance our presence in the Italian 3D market, effectively promoting our technology through Teoresi strong competence.” commented Niels Stenzel, EMEA Sales Director for 3D Digitizing Products of SHINING 3D. “Teoresi’s extensive experience in the distribution of 3D modeling software, coupled with their top-quality technical know-how, makes them the ideal partner to support our growth and deliver outstanding service to Italian customers. With this new agreement, Italian companies and professionals will enjoy the combined benefits of SHINING 3D and TEORESI: state-of-the-art technology and unparalleled support services.”

    To discover the features and benefits of Shining3D scanners, visit the dedicated pages for the following products:

    A chit-chat about EUCAD2023: Marketing and Innovation exchanging views

    On May 3 and 4, Teoresi took part in the 4th edition of the European Conference on Connected and Automated Driving (EUCAD 2023), an event held in Brussels and organized by The European Commission together with CCAM (the European Partnership on Connected, Cooperative, and Automated Mobility) and within the FAME project (Framework for coordination of Automated Mobility in Europe).  

    The goal of this conference – which brings together a wide range of participants from different sectors, including representatives from European institutions, the automotive industry, technology providers, research organizations, universities, public administrations, and other stakeholders – is to facilitate discussions and foster collaboration among them to accelerate the development and adoption of connected and automated driving technologies in Europe, also addressing crucial issues such as regulation, safety and infrastructure.  

    Fabio Gadda and Marco Bazzani – responsible for Marketing and Innovation departments in Teoresi, active participants at the 10 sessions held, share now with us valuable insights and a comprehensive analysis on topics explored.  In their analysis, you will learn more about Teoresi’s contribution and positioning in this scenario, with interesting highlights on its activities regarding battery management systems, electric powertrain, and experimentation with autonomous driving technologies.

    You can enjoy this insight through the following video.