Amazon Alexa

Teoresi is Amazon Alexa Consulting & Professional Services (CPS) Provider

Amazon Alexa

Teoresi is Amazon Alexa Consulting & Professional Services (CPS) Provider


Language in its richness and complexity characterizes the human being and is the very source of thought and ideas. 

Teoresi strongly believes that one of the main drivers of technological innovation is represented by increasingly intense and interactive human-machine communication. The voice user interface is an essential component of this evolution. Teoresi wants to inspire innovation by implementing an increasingly performant, fast, precise and productive human-machine interface with Alexa to improve the user experience in every field.

Our experience in the field of Artificial Intelligence and voice interfaces has made us one of the few companies in the world to be Amazon Alexa Consulting & Professional Services Provider. We are therefore ready to support you in the creation of your products based on Alexa cutting-edge technologies.

Experience and main projects with Alexa Technology
An ADAS light robot: a smart wheelchair A.L.B.A. Advanced Light Body Assistant

Technologies from the world of robotics and self-driving machines make a wheelchair smart. Teoresi has signed two important technological innovations of the project: ADAS systems (Advanced Driver Assistance Systems) and the implementation of voice interfaces, based on Amazon Alexa.
The new intelligent wheelchair will be able to move conventionally, autonomously and even with remote controls.
After the development of the first prototype, Alba Robot company was created as a spin-off of Moschini Spa and Teoresi Spa in October 2019.
Alba Robot, as a Techstars backed company has been chosen to participate to the 2020 edition of Alexa Next Stage.

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Having the support of a company like Teoresi reassures you when you have to deal with frontier technologies. I am sure it will be a fundamental step for ALBA Robot in reaching the goals we have set for ourselves.

Andrea Segato Bertaia – CEO and Co-founder at ALBA Robot

ALBA project representing for our company an important challenge that allowed us to put in the field our competences in favor of sustainable innovation to safeguard life and social inclusion.

Valter Brasso – President and CEO of Teoresi Group
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