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Financial services


financialAn increasingly interconnected financial world, in order to keep up with innovation, requires a strengthened relationship between reliability, security, and accessibility to services. This involves not only financial services data exchange but also final users operations whose payment systems are more and more technologically advanced and oriented to dematerialization and proximity services.

System architectures, IT security, near field communication, data transmission protocols and cluster systems have turned the core of both financial transactions and daily life payments. This is a context where ICT and IT innovation meet crossing architectures, protocols, mobile and contactless payments methods, shifting the focus to dematerialization and mobile proximity payments, through financial transactions and fidelity cards, IT security, data collection, information analysis management, following the big data paradigm.

Thanks to its cross-competences in the field of ICT, Teoresi Group supports the financial sector at any level of the innovation chain, from architecture design to software development, to testing and system management.


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