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DiagRA D

DiagRA® D is the diagnostic option from the DiagRA® MCD Toolset for the selection of diagnostic data from vehicle control units.

It consists of three main functional areas:

  • Scan-Tool
  • OEM Specific Workshop Diagnostics
  • Advanced Developers Functions

More than 28.000 registered users trust in the efficiency of this tool.



  • OBDII/EOBD/HD-OBD/WWH-OBD Scan-Tool in accordance to SAE J1979, SAE J1939 and ISO 27145, workshop-tester and extended functions for developers
  • K-Line, CAN and FlexRay communication
  • Support of all usual diagnostic protocols inclusive of UDS
  • Functions to save data and to record values
  • Optional plug-in for flash programming using KWP2000 (K-Line, CAN TP2.0 and ISO-CAN), UDS (ISO-CAN) and UDS (FlexRay)
  • Comfortable driving cycle assistant for standard and self-defined driving cycles like e.g. FTP75 or ECE
  • Remote control via DDE- and ASAP-3-interfacesas well via WebServices according to ASAM HIL-API
  • Sending and receiving of CAN messages also without diagnostic communication
  • ISO 13209 (OTX) extension for DiagRA D WebServices is available in emotive‘s Open Test Framework OTX authoring tool


  • Clear ECU diagnostics for developers
  • ECU communication without complex hardware requirements
  • Simple, intuitive handling
  • Extensive context sensitive assistance
  • Measurement data can be transferred to DiagRA® M for graphical display. DiagRA® M provides also comfortable triggers for value recording.

Optional Plugins

  • DiagRA Flash-Plugin for flash programming of ECUs during development, testing and production. For the purchase the approval of the supported OEM is mandatory
  • DiagRA Web-Services for the remote control of DiagRA D via webservices.Easy integration with test benches and HIL systems


With the DiagRA D is also provided at no charge the SW CODEditor which allows the configuration of the DiagRA® D software for new ECUs. It is possibile to set items such as Identification Information, DTC, Status Bits, Freeze Frames, Diagnostic Measurement Values, Seed&Key DLL.


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