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Diagnostic data collection from vehicle ECU


Diagnostic data collection from vehicle ECU


When a release is approaching, immediate action is called for. Reading the failure memory, compliance with latest generation of standards or even flash programming vehicle control units is a multi-part workflow that often means individual solutions for each step in the process. Working in close co-operation with customers for over two decades, RA Consulting developed solutions for three main problems, which pose a risk to your release:

  • OEM-specific workshop diagnostics required
  • Insufficient or poor quality testing
  • Outdated, or even incorrect, regulations and standards

With responsible handling to ensure full compliance with standards, regulations and functional requirements RA Consuting created an all-round solution.

DiagRA® D

DiagRA® D is the diagnostic option from the DiagRA® MCD Toolset for the selection of diagnostic data from vehicle control units.
It consists of three main functional areas:

  • Scan-Tool
  • OEM Specific Workshop Diagnostics
  • Advanced Developers Functions

Optional Plugins

  • DiagRA Flash-Plugin for flash programming of ECUs during development, testing and production. For the purchase the approval of the supported OEM is mandatory
  • DiagRA Web-Services for the remote control of DiagRA D via webservices. Easy integration with test benches and HIL systems


With the DiagRA D is also provided at no charge the SW CODEditor which allows the configuration of the DiagRA® D software for new ECUs. It is possibile to set items such as Identification Information, DTC, Status Bits, Freeze Frames, Diagnostic Measurement Values, Seed&Key DLL.

Silver Scan-Tool™

Silver Scan-Tool™ (SST) software provides test functionality for onboard diagnostics according to SAE J1979, SAE J1939 and ISO 27145.

Silver Scan-Tool™ has been developed for OBDII, EOBD, HD-OBD and WWH-OBD diagnostics and provides all the necessary functionality required for testing compliance with these standards. All emission relevant electronic control modules like engine, transmission, off-gas that support these standards can be selectively diagnosed. SST is fully compliant with the SAE J1979, SAE J1939 (HD-OBD) and ISO 27145 (WWH-OB) standards.

RA® ODX Viewer

Working with ODX files is complex because diagnostic information is described in multiple ODX XML files linked by reference and value inheritance concepts, which are defined in the ODX specification. In order to eliminate the existing complexity of the ODX files for the user, RA Consulting has identified the following challenges with our know-how and in close cooperation with ODX experts:

  • Support only for individual ODX versions
  • Long loading time with large ODX containers
  • Unclear and poorly usable user interface

RA® ODX Viewer enables you to easily display, analyze and filter ODX data in allareas of the entire vehicle lifecycle, in a straightforward way.

Diagnostics and ECU calibration SW

For more than 25 years, RA Consulting GmbH (RA®) has been active in the area of software product development and professional IT services with the integration of mobile systems, telematic solutions for infomobility and custom solutions for specific applications.

RA® offers a wide range of powerful software products for the use in all the different areas of development for the automotive industry, which offer a complete support to manufacturers and their Tier 1 suppliers in diagnostics and ECUs (Electronic Control Units) calibration.
RA® products such as DiagRA® D and the Silver-Scan-Tool™ are used all over the world for the whole ECUs development process by automotive manufacturers and suppliers. RA Consulting offering includes also embedded diagnostic software for control tools, dataloggers and telematic units.

RA Consulting develops innovative telematic systems for remote diagnostics on every vehicle supporting OBD (on-board diagnostics) systems.

RA Consulting software support a wide range of interfaces for vehicle bus diagnostics.

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