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DiagRA X

DiagRA® X is the new tool from RA Consulting for the Measurement and Calibration for Automotive ECU.
The basic idea behind this tool is the saving time and costs for many engineers only using a small percentage of large software packages.
The tool is based on ASAM and ISO standards so it has no proprietary communication protocols: standard compliant software and hardware can be combined freely (XCP on Ethernet, XCP on CAN, CCP, ASAP3).
It has been developed with the active participation of different customers’ departments and usability specialists and it aims to the easy reusability and simple transfer between all engineers of project files, configurations, worksheets and libraries.
It supports standard input (.a2l, .hex, .dcm, etc.) and output formats (e.g. MDF, DCM, LAB) and it also integrates OTX for standardized test descriptions and scripting.



  • Based on ASAM and ISO standards
  • Designed to be touchscreen and tablet friendly
  • Support for XCP on Ethernet as well as XCP and CCP on CAN
  • Multiple work pages organized as tabs


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DiagRA D Datasheet
DiagRA X Datasheet
Silver Scan Tool Datasheet


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