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Silver Scan Tool

Silver Scan-Tool™ (SST) software provides test functionality for onboard diagnostics according to SAE J1979, SAE J1939 and ISO 27145.
Fields of deployment
Silver Scan-Tool™ has been developed for OBDII, EOBD, HD-OBD and WWH-OBD diagnostics and provides all the necessary functionality required for testing compliance with these standards. All emission relevant electronic control modules like engine, transmission, off-gas that support these standards can be selectively diagnosed. SST is fully compliant with the SAE J1979, SAE J1939 (HD-OBD) and ISO 27145 (WWH-OB) standards.


Basic functions:

  • OBDII/EOBD scan tool function according to ISO 9141-2/SAE J1979, ISO 14230, ISO 15765-4 (CAN), SAE J1850 PWM and J1850 VPW
  • Support for all 10 services (including Mode A) defined as well as all subfunctions (PID´s)
  • Support of the extended PID´s in the service ]
  • Automatic display of all controllers, responding to the request of the Scan tool
  • Professional overview of the supported services and subfunctions
  • HD-OBD scan-tool function following the SAE J1939 standard
  • Functions to support the WWH-OBD (World-Wide Harmonized OBD) after ISO 27145
  • HD-OBD and WWH-OBD data are arranged in functional groups such as: Readiness, Current Data, Fault Codes, Freeze Frames, Test Results, Tracking, IUMPR.
  • Graphical view of measured values inclusive of bit values (e.g. Readiness in service ])
  • Recording and analyzing functions
  • Export of the measured values into different formats such as CSV or MDF (DAT)
  • Automatic test cycle assistant for self-defined and standard curves such as FTP75 or ECE
  • Reference values can be freely selected out of the measurement values
  • Output of measured values over the D/A transducer RAdio
  • Windows interface for J1699-3 test sequence and logfile formatter
  • Real-time communication monitor function with message filter
  • Function to send self-define sequences of diagnostic messages


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