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3D to 2D flattening software

Tool for upholstery

3D to 2D flattening software

Tool for upholstery


Wrapstyler, a 3D/2D modeling software developed by the French company Polyquark, is the ideal solution for transforming a 3D model into a customized, flexible wrap suitable for use in industrial and craft settings.
Among its main strengths is its ability to very quickly generate customized 2D models from 3D modeling data, eliminating any manual measurement.
Because of its versatility, Wrapstyler is used in many other industries, including automotive, aerospace, naval, and orthopedics.

3D to 2D flattening software

With Wrapstyler you will get the custom-made wrapping for any object in a few simple steps. With its fast and intuitive workflow, the software will guide you from the creation of the 3D model to the generation of the 2D file, ready for the cutting and stitching machine, without any difficulty.

Some of the key features:
  • Mesh cutting: a palette of specific tools offers numerous functions for creating seams on meshes.
  • Feasibility analysis: identification of risk areas is done by visualizing material deformations.
  • Preparation of rendering and cutting files: specific functions enable the preparation of cutting files using the standard DXF AAMA format.
  • Simple, fast and reliable flattening that produces accurate results by managing fabric elasticity in three directions (x, y, xy)
  • Easy-to-use cutting tools
  • Automatic creation of notches, flaps and assembly notice
  • Easy export of files ready for cutting machines
  • Real-time 2D/3D visualization for easy understanding
  • Numerous standard and specific 3D/2D import/export filters



Polyquark is a French company founded in 1999 near Toulouse that specializes in the development and distribution of the 3D/2D modeling software Wrapstyler.

The software is designed, in particular, for the fabrication of seating (orthopedics, furniture, automotive and aerospace), molding of composite parts and texturing of printing materials, such as architectural PVC.

Wrapstyler , thanks to its reliability and ease of use, is the most suitable solution to meet the needs of large industrial groups as well as small and medium-sized enterprises.

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