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Reactis for Simulink

Model-Based Design with Simulink® and Stateflow®

Reactis for Simulink

Model-Based Design with Simulink® and Stateflow®

Reactis for Simulink
Model-Based Design with Simulink® and Stateflow®

Reactis is used in a model-based design process using Simulink/Stateflow models. Reactis is a standalone application that reads the .mdl/.slx files produced by the MathWorks environment.



Reactis contains three core components:

Tester Simulator Validator
It provides automated test generation from models. It enables you to visualize model execution to debug models and track coverage. It offers automated checks of Simulink models for violations of user-specified requirements.



Reactis Tester offers automatic test generation from Simulink models. The generated test suites provide comprehensive coverage of different test coverage metrics – including the Modified Condition/Decision Coverage (MC/DC) test coverage measure while at the same time minimizing redundancy in tests.

Reactis Tester enables engineers to maximize the effectiveness of testing while reducing the time actually spent on testing.

Each test case in a test suite consists of a sequence of inputs fed into the model as well as the responses to those inputs generated by the model. The automatically generated test data may then be used for a variety of purposes, including the following:

  • Implementation conformance. The tests may be applied to source-code implementations of models to ensure conformance with model behavior.
  • Model testing and debugging. The tests may be run on the models themselves to detect runtime errors and to study and revise model behavior.
  • Regression testing of models. The tests may be run on a new versions of models to flag differing behaviors in new versions.
  • Reverse engineering of models from source. Tests may be generated from models derived from legacy code in order to check conformance between model and legacy code.

Reactis Simulator enables you to visualize model execution and debug Simulink® models. Simulator’s user interface is similar to those of traditional debuggers from programming languages; it allows you to:

  • Execute a block, single step, or multiple steps at a time.
  • Make a reverse execution.
  • See data values, hover with the mouse, open a scope, or add to watched variables.
  • Discover unexercised parts of a model, highlighted in red.
  • Generate detailed coverage reports.
  • Use Breakpoints.

Reactis Validator performs automated searches of models for violations of user-specified requirements.
If Validator finds a violation, it returns a test that leads to the problem.
This test may then be executed in Reactis Simulator to gain an understanding of the sequence of events that leads to the problem. Validator enables the early detection of design errors and inconsistencies and reduces the effort required for design reviews.

See what’s new in the latest release of Reactis for Simulink.


C Plugin

Reactis also offers an useful C Plugin; it integrates seamlessly with Reactis to offer white-box testing and validation of the C-code portions of models (S-Functions and calls to C from Stateflow).

By automating testing and validation of C code within the same environment that tests your Simulink and Stateflow, the Reactis for C Plugin enables you to do more thorough analysis of your C code much more quickly.

Embedded-software testing and validation

Reactive Systems is a leading tool vendor in the embedded systems sector.  The company develops and markets the Reactis product line, a set of testing and validation tools which help engineers improve software quality while decreasing software development costs.

Over the past decade, many engineering organizations have deployed model-based design to address the exploding complexity of embedded control software. In model-based design, executable visual models of embedded control software are developed in advance of system implementation. The models may be used to drive the development of control software, and may also serve as basis for software and system testing.

The Reactis tool suite of Reactive Systems, Inc., substantially enhances the gains organizations realize from model-based design by automating many testing and validation activities. Reactis works with models implemented in the Simulink®/Stateflow® notation.

Using Reactis, engineers may:

  • Generate tests from a model that thoroughly exercise the model (structural testing);
  • Find runtime errors (e.g. overflow errors, divide-by-zero errors) in a model;
  • Execute the model and track coverage (e.g. MC/DC);
  • Perform functional tests to check whether or not a model can violate its requirements;
  • Use a Reactis test suite as an oracle to check whether code conforms to a model.


Teoresi distributes in Italy REACTIS software line and solutions.

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