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ALFA Tinting System

ALFA Tinting System


Innovative, reliable and high-performance solutions.  

We provided Alfa with essential support in the development of a highly scalable system architecture and helped Alfa to fill the gap in the paint industry for dispensing accurate and exact samples of decorative paint. This innovative technology streamlined tinting, mixing, formulation, and dispensing processes, enhancing operational efficiency. Patented innovations resulting from this collaboration underscore our dedication to research and development excellence, setting a new standard in paint dispensing technology.   


ALFA Colorpaint Dispenser


The Coatings Industry with advancements in technology, automatic dispensers equipped with computer interfaces have revolutionized the tinting process. These modern systems offer enhanced efficiency and accuracy by automating color mixing procedures and reducing the potential for human error. Also/Moreover, there is an increasing emphasis/attention on sustainability, leading to a need for tinting systems that minimize waste and environmental impact while delivering high-quality paint products tailored to customer preferences.


During the development of this project, we successfully overcame several challenges: 

  • Technical Complexity: Developing a product with advanced features such as smart units, PC interfaces, and internal sensors. 
  • Environmental Adaptability: Ensuring the product’s reliability and performance in diverse environmental conditions. 
  • Interoperability and Compatibility: Integrating the product with existing systems and ensuring compatibility with different operational environments presented challenges. We ensured seamless integration with diverse hardware and software platforms while maintaining reliability and performance. 
  • Regulatory Compliance: Meeting regulatory standards and obtaining necessary certifications, ensuring that the product complied with industry-specific standards to ensure market acceptance and legal compliance. 
  • Testing and Validation: Comprehensive testing and validation were essential to guarantee that the product met performance, reliability, and safety requirements under various operating conditions. We conducted rigorous testing procedures to validate the product’s functionality, durability, and compliance with industry standards. 
Our added Values

We leveraged our expertise in electronic design to develop a highly scalable system architecture tailored specifically to the client’s needs. Particularly, a complex overview allowed us to overcome the challenges and deliver innovative high-tech products. 


The collaboration with the client led to the development of a highly advanced product with key features tailored to meet industry demands. Equipped with smart units featuring PC interfaces, Slave boards, and internal sensors, the product enables efficient remote operation and real-time data exchange. Utilizing Industry 4.0 technologies like scalable system architecture and effective communication field bus, this architecture not only ensured the product’s flexibility and adaptability to evolving requirements but also laid the foundation for its seamless integration within already existing infrastructure. Furthermore, the implementation of advanced motion control algorithms significantly enhanced the operational precision and efficiency of the product, contributing to improved performance and customer satisfaction. Lastly, Teoresi Group has delivered innovative solutions and provided support for patent registration.

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