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Our solution for electric vehicle charging


Our solution for electric vehicle charging


T-Wallbox is a charging station prototype for electric cars designed and internally assembled by Teoresi. The device supports single-phase AC charging up to 3.7 kW and has multiple safety mechanisms that comply with industry regulations, including fault management procedures.


Customer in the field of energy management


In an increasingly electric -oriented automotive market, which is therefore interested in battery charging technologies, it is crucial to develop innovative and smart solutions that are scalable and functional, capable of meeting customer needs and complying with current regulations, such as BS EN IEC 61851-1, which defines standards for the design of electric vehicle charging systems.

Technological challenges
  • Design of hardware and simulation using LTSpice to ensure the proper functionality of the electric wallbox circuit modules.
  • Realization of the previously simulated circuits and verification of their design characteristics to ensure system robustness and efficiency.
  • Development of firmware for the microcontroller to implement wallbox functionalities and charging control in compliance with regulations, ensuring safety and compatibility with electric vehicles.
  • Creation of a graphical interface on the display with a study to provide an optimal user experience.
  • Testing and validation of the prototype, including the management of possible faults, to ensure system safety and reliability under real usage conditions.
Our added Values

T-Wallbox represents a smart and innovative solution to meet the needs of a rapidly growing market in the field of electric vehicle charging systems. The developed prototype serves as a starting point for the development of further versions of EVSE, capable of managing both three-phase AC (Alternating Current) and DC (Direct Current) charging, expanding business opportunities and meeting the diverse needs of customers.
Thanks to the expertise gained by Teoresi, the solution can be quickly scaled and customized based on the customer’s specific needs in various aspects such as the interface, microcontroller, hardware, additional safety systems, connectivity, mechanics, plastics, and more.

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Teoresi’s T-Wallbox prototype is capable of providing electric vehicle charging power up to 3.7kW and is equipped with safety and control systems in compliance with the BS EN IEC 61851-1 2019 regulations.

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