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Engineering Through Creativity

wishing you Happy 2024 with Teoresi dreams

Engineering Through Creativity

wishing you Happy 2024 with Teoresi dreams

Teoresi Dream Workplace: explore the creativity of the contest winners envisioning the future of Teoresi with six visions reflecting values of sustainability, diversity, and inclusion.

The AI-generated images you see on this page are the six winners of the Teoresi Dream Workplace contest that engaged all Teoresi colleagues throughout December.

Dream Big: what should your dream Teoresi look like?

This was the question participants in the Teoresi Dream Workplace contest answered using their favorite generative text-to-image AI tool. They created representations of the ideal workplace where their professional and personal dreams could be freely depicted, unrestricted.

A mixed jury composed of Teoresi Group’s Corporate Development Office, four members of the creative community ICONA (Italian Community of New Arts), and one founder of AI/CC (Artificial Intelligence Creative Community) awarded works embodying inclusivity, diversity appreciation, and commitment to environmental sustainability.

Six perspectives of the future, some not even so distant from the reality we are already living, six ways to imagine how the places where we currently work, meet, showcase our skills, and our profession find new modes of expression could transform.

Engineering Through Creativity - wishing you happy 2024 with Teoresi dreams

What you can do

Explore all the cards, download your favorites, share them on social media, tag Teoresi, and use the hashtag #TeoresiDreamWorkplace

Send them with wishes for a more inclusive and sustainable 2024!

Who Let the Dogs Out Author: Luca Broglio

A representation of the connection between nature and innovation: an office, in a space station that acknowledges the importance of harmony and tranquility in the work environment, symbolized by the presence of a four-legged friend and an oriental garden. The balance between technology and serenity offers a unique work experience, where well-being and the future blend in perfect harmony.

SynergyHub Author: Carolina Gomez

A collaborative workspace able to enhance diversity and inclusivity. A bright open space embraced by large windows and indoor gardens, where people from diverse cultures collaborate in a dynamic and comfortable environment, where different work styles and approaches enrich everyone present. A place that promotes sustainability with the presence of plants and furniture made from recycled, durable materials.

Animal-house workplace on the sea Author: Massimiliano Curti

A meeting room on the terrace of a high-tech house, located on a paradise island at sunset. Here, technology merges with environmental sustainability and the close link to nature. In an extraordinary atmosphere, living beings of different species discuss technology, offering a unique perspective on the fusion of technological progress, diversity, and inclusion.

Nature-Infused Workspaces Author: Veronica Dreshpak

A futuristic urban context, inspired by the style of Bjarke Ingels, Danish architect renowned for his playful and pragmatic approaches to architecture. Moreover, one of his housing projects, 8 house, is known for its green roof which won the 2010 Scandinavian Green Roof Award. Characterized by a giant central tree, surrounded by suspended walkways and tropical trees, this scenario harmoniously combines nature and the work environment.
A place where productivity and inspiration balance perfectly, placing well-being and sustainability at the center.

A sustainable worldwide company Author: Gabriele Colli Lanzi

The new office is located on a floating hemisphere, where vegetation creates a relaxed atmosphere. People collaborate by interacting in a modern, welcoming and sustainable space. An environment that reflects an avant-garde approach projected to the future embracing diversity and valuing well-being in a uniquely crafted work context.

EcoArmonia: Square of the future Author: Alessandro Brunelli

A watercolor-style painting for a futuristic vision of the imagined office: people of different ages and cultures play in a square rich in vegetation, with solar panels, electric cars, and wind turbines, symbols of sustainability and innovation.
In a city that embraces diversity and inclusion, the depicted workspace celebrates the harmonious coexistence of nature, technology, and sociality.