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infrastructures_ utilities

Infrastructure and Utilities

Infrastructure and Utilities


The great challenge posed by the green economy can be won, thanks to the fundamental contribution of the key players in this sector. Infrastructure & Utilities companies will play a decisive role in the ecosystem of each smart city.

Companies that produce and distribute energy will have the crucial task of meeting the energy needs of densely populated and industrialised areas. The goal is to increase production capacity and efficiency, strengthen the distribution network and increase reliability and security, in order to ensure service continuity.

Courtesy of increasingly intelligent (AI) and integrated automation (IoT and Cloud), Information & Operational Technology (IOT) will boost the performance of smart grids.

With regard to cybersecurity, the risk of network outages, overloads and damage to systems due to external attacks can be prevented through interaction with strategic programmes, as well as through mutual collaboration between the key players in the sector.

Teoresi focuses its activities on the design and development of innovative, intelligent and secure systems designed to improve the performance and reliability of smart grids.

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