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Life Sciences

The world of health is increasingly moving towards a future characterised by fully-interoperable and shared data, artificial intelligence (AI), open and secure platforms and person-orientated care. Teoresi is ready to support companies in meeting the challenges of this new scenario.

Greater connectivity and interoperability of data will have a major influence on the future of health. Where diseases cannot be eliminated, it will be possible to treat in a pro-active manner and gain a better understanding of their progression; the health crisis that we are currently experiencing is proof of this. Data and platforms represent the backbone of tomorrow’s healthcare ecosystem, and will be used to provide insights in order to support decision-making.

At Teoresi, we are dedicated to this sector, which places people at its heart by its very nature, synthesising a message that is rich in value and meaning, and which includes themes of diversity and inclusion.

Specifically, Teoresi is at the forefront of developments in the field of robotics and haptic interfaces as used in the medical field, as well as advancements relating to biomedical mechatronic components, bio-textiles and nano-technologies. Thanks to its nanophotonics (or nano-optics) solutions, the company has made an important contribution to preventative oncological diagnosis.

Teoresi deals with the entire development and engineering process: from the implementation of hardware and software to the integration of electronic and mechatronic systems and the management and processing of signals from sensors.

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