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Mobile Machine Controller


Mobile Machine Controller


MedWi modular controller for construction machinery delivers the performance, reliability, and flexibility required to meet the diverse needs of the construction industry while enabling efficient and safe operation of heavy equipment on job sites. 

The wireless connectivity and modular design of the controller eliminate the need for extensive wiring and complex installation procedures. This simplifies the integration of the controller into existing vehicle systems, reducing installation time. 

In addition, the controller also supports CAN communication, facilitating integration with other vehicle systems and external devices. This enables seamless data exchange and interoperability in distributed machine control systems. 


Manufacturer of Hydraulic lifts.


In the construction industry, the demand for advanced controllers is driven by the need for precise equipment control, improved efficiency, enhanced safety measures, and adaptability to various applications. These controllers play a crucial role in streamlining operations, reducing downtime, optimizing resource utilization, and ensuring compliance with industry standards and regulations. By incorporating features such as wireless connectivity, diagnostic capabilities, and integration with telematics systems, construction companies can monitor equipment performance, track usage, and manage fleets more effectively. Additionally, controllers with modular designs and customizable functionalities offer versatility and adaptability to different tasks and equipment configurations, contributing to increased productivity and project success. As construction technology continues to evolve, investing in advanced controllers with future-proofing capabilities enables companies to stay competitive and capitalize on emerging trends in the industry.


Some of the challenges encountered during the development of the MedWi controllers were: 

  • Technical Complexity: Developing controllers with wireless connectivity, advanced sensor integration, and versatile input/output options requires addressing technical complexities which require expertise in electronics, embedded systems, signal processing, and software development.  
  • Environmental Adaptability: Off-road vehicles, in particular construction lifts, operate in harsh environments with exposure to vibration, shock, moisture, temperature extremes, dust, and debris.  
  • Interoperability and Compatibility: Ensuring seamless integration and compatibility with existing vehicle systems, components, and communication protocols is essential to meet the diverse needs of OEMs, suppliers, industry partners and end-users.  
  • Regulatory Compliance: Developing controllers that comply with relevant safety, electromagnetic compatibility (EMC), and environmental regulations is critical. Our team designed a controller that meets industry standards to ensure market acceptance and legal compliance. 
  • Testing and Validation: Comprehensive testing and validation are essential to ensure that controllers meet performance, reliability, and safety requirements under various operating conditions. 
Our added Values

The completion of the MedWi Mobile Machine Controller project demonstrated the team’s technical proficiency and problem-solving abilities. With expertise in electronics, embedded systems, and software development, the team efficiently addressed technical challenges related to environmental adaptability, interoperability, regulatory compliance, and testing/validation. Through collaborative efforts and effective communication, the controller was seamlessly integrated into existing vehicle systems, ensuring reliability and compatibility. With a focus on client requirements, the team ensured that the controller effectively met the specific needs of the manufacturer of hydraulic lifts.


MedWi Mobile Machine Controller, is designed to revolutionize the operation of off-road vehicles in demanding environments.  

Equipped with proprietary 2.4GHz wireless connectivity and Bluetooth capabilities, this mobile machine controller offers seamless communication and control, reducing cable clutter and simplifying maintenance.  

Engineered to withstand extreme temperatures ranging from -30 to +105 ºC, and housed in an IP65-rated enclosure, the MedWi ensures durability and reliability in rugged off-road applications. With a built-in 3-axes accelerometer and advanced software, the controller accurately determines spatial orientation, enhancing precision and safety during operation. Its wide DC power supply range ensures compatibility with various vehicle electrical systems, while power ON/OFF DC outputs and power PWM outputs with a continuous 2A current enable efficient control of vehicle components such as lights, actuators, and pumps.  

Additionally, comprehensive input and output protection features safeguard against overvoltage, reverse battery, short circuit, thermal shutdown, and electrostatic discharge, ensuring reliable performance in the harshest conditions.

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