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Industrial Vehicles and Agriculture

Industrial Vehicles and Agriculture


For Teoresi, this collection of industries includes both on-road and off-road industrial vehicle manufacturers and producers of earthmoving machinery, agricultural machinery and newly-conceived systems for the entire supply chain.

The players in this sector are called upon more than others to ensure the balanced and sustainable approach to development that will prove fundamental to the future of humankind and the planet.
In the agriculture sector, environmental challenges include the use of low-pollution biofuels, precision control of the delivery of fertilisers and pesticides and the reduction in use of pesticides in favour of organic farming – all issues that are of crucial importance in ensuring that the impact of agricultural practices is sustainable.

Teoresi supports those leading the development of the sector on issues relating to smart farming in general, and more specifically, with regard to precision farming. Efforts are being channelled into boosting crop productivity, enabling remote monitoring and forecasting of future crops, developing precision irrigation systems, and tackling climate-related challenges in a more effective manner; all of these solutions are now possible thanks to the increasingly widespread presence of ICT technologies in this sector, too.

The Data Driven approach for real-time collection and processing of data regarding soil quality, humidity and temperature coupled with the introduction of video capture and image processing techniques will serve to increase the level of accuracy of the production process. Similarly, the collection of data using connected agricultural tools will enable both preventive and predictive maintenance strategies to be developed.

Augmented reality, artificial intelligence, robotics and navigation and satellite tracking solutions will allow agricultural machinery to work autonomously, thus increasing efficiency and productivity even further.
In the industrial sector, we are dedicated to developing technological solutions for propulsion and transmission systems for industrial and special on-road and off-road vehicle applications. We support the leading companies in the field as they pursue technological innovation designed to ensure an increasingly safe and green future for this sector. We work on advanced controls, as well as developing instrument panel clusters and V2X communications, for a system of industrial vehicles and fleets that remain connected at all times, and are capable of developing smart logics across every operational function.

Teoresi supports the global players in these sectors in the development of innovative solutions and new systems for the entire supply chain.

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