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Aerospace and Defence

Aerospace and Defence


This sector is facing a number of significant challenges: from the renewed interest in space travel to the ongoing improvement of technological performance, along with the reduction of energy consumption and pollution and the increasingly decisive Time To Market factor. The direct consequence of this is that the level of global competition is seeing a sharp increase.

Teoresi offers itself as a partner for the entire development cycle, from feasibility studies to the implementation of solutions, and from the process of validation to that of certification. A number of the company’s key strengths are of particular importance in this sector, including quality, traceability of requirements, the management of system performance and guaranteed respect of the reference standards in terms of compliance.

The sector is increasingly leaning towards model-based design and self-generated code solutions, in order to speed up implementation processes: this applies to the verification and testing of software for micro and nano satellites, the analysis of air traffic and mobility and the maintenance of testing and management systems.

The development of embedded software for advanced graphical user interfaces allows a group like Teoresi to apply its expertise to the fields of user experience, application development and prototyping. These are sensitive sectors of high technical and scientific value, with regard to which Teoresi has established partnership programmes with universities, research centres and laboratories.

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