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Telecommunications and Media

Telecommunications and Media


Telecommunications and multimedia services represent a strategic and resilient sector that has demonstrated – particularly in 2020, as the global health crisis developed – the fundamental role it plays in supporting the activities of every other sector.

We simply need to turn our minds to the video-conferencing and file sharing services so many have relied on, the conversion of trade fairs into digital events, distance learning, the explosion of entertainment and the dedication to providing every type of service, redesigned in order to facilitate social distancing – not forgetting of course the support provided to the medical health sector in mapping the spread of the virus, and the new virtual approach to clinical diagnosis.

Teoresi is engaged in working to guarantee the widespread distribution of the 5G network that will be necessary for the digital transformation of all industries.

Shared objectives include the development of increasingly high-performance connections in terms of speed, reduced network latency times, increased bandwidth, and last but not least, cyber security and the emergence of new digital content and services based on Big Data, the Cloud and AI.

Teoresi has gained a wealth of experience in these areas over the last 20 years and offers innovative solutions to its customers, through turn-key projects or through the development of individual work packages, with a view to meeting the challenges of a constantly connected society and continuing the ongoing quest for better communication.

Teoresi is ready to play an ever-greater role in a sector in which major challenges and developments will have an impact on society as a whole.

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