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Autonomous Vehicles

Autonomous Vehicles

The use of autonomous vehicles as a mode of transport is not a question of if but when

Chen Tsuhan

We have been hearing about autonomous vehicles for many years. What stage of the technology development are we at? Are we really going to be moving around in self-driving cars in a few years?

Every new car that is introduced to the market has increasingly sophisticated driving aids. An alert that tells you when to stop and rest, one that keeps you in the right lane or brakes if there is an emergency, a camera, GPS or a device that facilitates parking. Today’s cars already have a degree of autonomy that was unthinkable a few years ago and are able to communicate with each other, independently of the driver.
Who is driving this process? Young engineers, physicists, mathematicians and computer scientists are working to create the vehicles of the future. It’s a golden opportunity for brilliant minds: the industry is reinventing itself at a fast pace and needs talent and energy. Teoresi has chosen its lines of development and created specialised teams to work on these technologies.

Driver assistance

We work across the entire ADAS (Advanced Driver-Assistance Systems) development cycle, starting with identifying system requirements and functional analysis.

It is a core area of expertise that we have developed through our daily work, together with major international automotive clients. Teoresi is an expert in designing and developing all the control units inside the vehicle: the new hardware, needed by the complex sensors for autonomous driving (cameras, radar, LiDAR), requires high-level functional integration.

Years of on-road and laboratory experience have been fundamental in the development of the first generation of ADAS/AD experts, combining prior vehicle dynamics and control knowledge with new assisted driving issues.

Towards full automation

Moving from driver assistance to full autonomy requires an ever-increasing degree of complexity and integration between systems.

Teoresi works on embedded solutions for every component, starting from the hardware platform, using cutting-edge 3D simulation systems, complete with high quality Navigation, Path Planning and Human Machine Interface for vehicle control.

Inertial platforms, cameras, sensor synchronisation and logging are part of our daily work. Thanks to our partnership with Intrepid©, Teoresi also has access to hardware for recording huge amounts of on-road data that are essential for testing algorithms.

Smart car (HUD) , Autonomous self-driving mode vehicle on highway road iot concept with graphic sensor radar signal system
The Challenges

Enable the autonomous driving algorithm to cover as many situations as possible


Develop the best AI-Driven decision-making processes

Machine and Deep Learning

Improve driver and pedestrian safety

Road Safety
Teoresi’s standpoint

Teoresi’s thirty years of experience in the automotive world and the data produced by vehicle control units means we can work on all stages of driver assistance system development: from requirements to road tests.  

Over the years, our clients have involved us in different types of projects including:

  • Forward collision warning
  • Lane Detection
  • Adaptive Cruise Control
  • Autonomous Parking
  • High Beam Detection

We have worked on requirements, testing and coding for these applications. We have gained experience on specific areas like Nvidia and all simulation environments, low-level coding, image processing and the use of neural networks or deep learning technologies.


Our centre of excellence specialises in driver assistance systems and autonomous movement, developing applications that go beyond the automotive sector, for vehicles capable of moving independently in both indoor and outdoor settings.
Live demonstrations of the automations, driving and connection applications under development can be seen at our workshop. 

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