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ECU simulators

ECU simulators for rapid prototyping and network testing

ECU simulators

ECU simulators for rapid prototyping and network testing


Don’t have the ECU you need for testing? Need to quickly create a translator, gateway, or filter?
neoECUs can complete most rapid prototyping and gateway tasks for less than half the cost of other solutions. These devices are scripted using Vehicle Spy’s easy-to-learn Function Block scripting feature.
Capabilities include the following:

  • Simulate broadcast messages or network management exchanges
  • Simulate an ECU on your bench or desk
  • Create a gateway/translator to isolate traffic or to modify messages sent to a specific ECU
  • Filter unwanted network traffic in a subsystem or test cell

Most neoVIs also have the same capabilities, and can perform these tasks plus act as a vehicle network adapter simultaneously.
Restbus simulation is also possible using a neoVI and Vehicle Spy’s Simulation View.

AVB/TSN Endpoint Simulation (Talker/Listener)

Intrepid’s latest addition to the neoECU series integrates 100BASE-T1 and Gigabit Ethernet with a wide variety of multimedia interfaces to deliver a fully configurable AVB Endpoint. The neoECU AVB/TSN is perfect for rapid prototyping, system-level troubleshooting, network testing and much more.

neoECU 22
neoECU 12

Scriptable, low-cost node for CAN / CAN FD, and LIN. The neoECU 12 includes two CAN / CAN FD channels, LIN, analog In, PWM outputs and digital I/O.

The node runs the Vehicle Spy CoreMini engine for easy setup.

Network solutions in the automotive sector

Intrepid provides a complete solution for the vehicle network analysis, testing, simulation, and automation. Combining SW and HW it is really simple to perform activities concerning many application fields:

  • Vehicle Network bus analysis and simulation (CAN, LIN, GMLAN, FlexRay)
  • Embedded data logging
  • Bench Tester with Runtime application
  • Video Data Logging

Intrepid is always looking to the future of Automotive, investing in new technology such as Broad-Reach® (Ethernet technology targeted for Automotive), CAN-FD (Controller Area Networking expansion that enables larger data payloads and faster data rates than standard), and much more!

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