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Vehicle network software

One tool, many tasks

Vehicle network software

One tool, many tasks


Intrepid offers a number of software products to help you interface to your network and work with it.
Vehicle Spy Enterprise enable you to perform vehicle network bus monitoring, data acquisition, diagnostics, memory edit or calibration, node/ECU Simulation and automated testing.
Vehicle Spy Runtime (VS3EXE) lets you run edit-protected Vehicle Spy setups (VS3s) at a lower cost than Vehicle Spy Professional and Enterprise.
Wireless neoVI manages programming, remote download and fleet management for your remote data loggers.
The design of Intrepid software is focused only on one thing: your productivity. This means the tools are designed for ease-of-use and a low learning curve.

Vehicle Spy X
The current landscape of automotive network engineering requires more than a PC based, closed tool chain. Automation of testing and validation, groups spread out over the world, and the advent of Python demands much more. Vehicle Spy X solves these central problems facing automotive network engineering.

Key Applications

  • Test Automation
  • AUTOSAR Restbus Simulation
  • Virtual ECU Testing
  • Protocol Conformance Testing
  • Test Report Generation
  • Python integration with your CI/CD system
  • Automate and Script Your Testing with Python

Instead of relying on proprietary scripting languages, Vehicle Spy X allows you to use any module within its core via scripting in Python.

You can now leverage the power of Vehicle Spy X’s core library of functions and pair it with all of your favorite Python code to minimize cost, maximize value, and maximize efficiency.

Vehicle Spy Enterprise

Vehicle Spy Enterprise is a single tool that enables you to perform:

  • Bus Monitoring: Vehicle Spy’s bus monitoring functionality allows you to view, save, and analyse message traffic from multiple networks simultaneously, including CAN, LIN, Automotive Ethernet and other supported networks.
  • Simulation: Vehicle Spy has long supported ECU or network node simulation (often called restbus simulation) and can be used together with Graphical Panels and Scripting to create setups for customer-specific functionality.
  • Data Acquisition: Data logging with real-time signal views and post-analysis of data files provides you with a complete data acquisition and analysis solution.
  • Diagnostics: Whether you are using J1939, GMLAN, ISO 14229 or your own custom diagnostic protocol, you can set up and execute custom scripts and diagnostic jobs with custom Graphical Panels to perform nearly any diagnostic task. Scripts written in Vehicle Spy’s Function Block language can also be downloaded to Intrepid real-time embedded hardware and executed in real time.
  • Memory Edit / Calibration: Vehicle Spy contains all of the functionality you need for editing your ECU’s memory using the CAN Calibration Protocol (CCP) or Universal Measurement and Calibration Protocol (XCP).

Vehicle Spy was created to be easy to use, with a low learning curve. Except for certain customer-specific features, all the functionality available in Vehicle Spy Enterprise is offered at a single low price.

Click here to see the various features available in Vehicle Spy, and how they vary among the different versions of the software.

Vehicle Spy Runtime (VS3 EXE)

If you don’t need to modify a setup of files created with Vehicle Spy Professional or Enterprise, consider using VS3 EXE.

Runtime version allows you to save money while taking advantage of all the features of Vehicle Spy Professional version and it can be used as a service/dealer or a test bench/dyno tool.

A Vehicle Spy Professional expert can create a VS3 EXE file and distribute it to multiple users. The VS3 EXE users can run the file as the expert designed it, but cannot change it in any way. This makes executing complex tasks simple for non-experts while preventing unwanted or accidental modifications.

Wireless neoVI

Wireless neoVI is a website and server software package that manages automatic and manual remote download, control, and monitoring of data. Its carefully designed user interface makes interacting with your logger fleet straightforward and intuitive.

Wireless neoVI is part of Intrepid’s advanced wireless in-vehicle data acquisition system. This solution consists of neoVI ION data loggers installed in each vehicle of the fleet, an internet server with Wireless neoVI software, and PC client terminals outfitted with post-analysis software such as Vehicle Spy.

Network solutions in the automotive sector

Intrepid provides a complete solution for the vehicle network analysis, testing, simulation, and automation. Combining SW and HW it is really simple to perform activities concerning many application fields:

  • Vehicle Network bus analysis and simulation (CAN, LIN, GMLAN, FlexRay)
  • Embedded data logging
  • Bench Tester with Runtime application
  • Video Data Logging

Intrepid is always looking to the future of Automotive, investing in new technology such as Broad-Reach® (Ethernet technology targeted for Automotive), CAN-FD (Controller Area Networking expansion that enables larger data payloads and faster data rates than standard), and much more!

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