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Simulation, surgical planning, manufacturing


Simulation, surgical planning, manufacturing


A healthcare revolution is taking place throughout the world, founded on the ability to create highly personalized 3D printed medical devices and patient-specific surgical simulation and direct printing of individualized implants and customized instrumentation. This revolution is not only fuelled by effecting speed and cost, it is transforming and enriching lives.
3D Systems partners with surgeons, healthcare professionals, medical device manufacturers, and medical teaching staff to offer a range of precision healthcare solutions, including virtual reality simulators, 3D printed anatomical models, virtual surgical planning, patient-specific surgical guides, instrumentation and implants.

DICOM-to-Print (D2P)
D2P® stand-alone, modular software is designed to address and consolidate all 3D model preparation steps.

It relies on automatic segmentation tools that minimize the effort and time associated with the creation of a digital, patient-specific model. D2P software is a medical device certified by FDA, CE and AMAR and it is used by medical staff for pre-operative surgical planning and allows export of 3D digital models in various file formats that can be used by numerous applications.

While D2P will export digital files compatible with 3D printers from most manufacturers, the combination of D2P and 3D Systems printers offers a 510(K)-cleared solution that allows users to 3D print diagnostic-quality models. When printed using selected materials, these 3D models can be sterilized and are biocompatible. See the D2P regulatory information page for more information on the cleared printers and materials.


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3D touch-enabled technology

Geomagic®, now part of 3D Systems Corporation, is a leading provider of software and devices which empower you to design and manufacture in new ways, freeing you to innovate and create like never before.

Scanning and design software solutions, such as Freeform®, are used to capture and model 3D content from physical objects, organically sculpt complex shapes, and prepare products for manufacturing.

Haptic devices as Geomagic Touch® (formerly Sensable®Phantom® Desktop) simulate the sense of touch in a digital environment. Haptic technology is even used in applications ranging from surgical simulation to virtual reality as well as a range of research and robotic applications.

Geomagic offering includes reverse engineering and inspection software, which allow you to build surfaces and CAD models starting from cloud points collected by using laser 3D scanners or probing measurement tools.

Geomagic’s software and devices are used by world-class customers in a wide variety of industries and areas of applicability.

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