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Structured light 3D scanners

Handheld multi-functional 3D scanners

Structured light 3D scanners

Handheld multi-functional 3D scanners


Structured light portable 3D scanners by Shining3D are fast, lightweight, and high-precision devices that represent the cutting edge in 3D scanning. They allow for the 3D digitization of objects in color by projecting encoded light patterns (coded fringes or randomly projected points or according to predefined patterns).
The image of how the light is deformed when projected onto objects is captured by one or more cameras and then processed through triangulation algorithms to obtain the 3D coordinates.
These devices are suitable for capturing medium to large-sized objects, as they require moving the scanner around the object to capture and align different frames sequentially. They are widely used in applications such as reverse engineering, 3D printing, body scanning, additive manufacturing, and 3D modeling.

EinScan H2
Hybrid LED & Infrared Light Source Handheld Color 3D Scanner

EinScan H2 is the new scanner from SHINING 3D based on hybrid LED and invisible infrared light technology.

The EinScan H2 improves on its predecessor with a 5MP resolution texture camera, enhanced accuracy, and 3  infrared VCSEL projectors for more photorealistic textures and better-quality data. Its wide scanning area and adjustable working distance make it suitable for various scenes and objects, both small and large, in narrow or wide spaces.

The dual light source improves scanning efficiency. The LED light ensures fast scanning with accurate, high-quality data for professionals. The invisible infrared light source makes scanning of human faces safer, provides a reliable solution for capturing dark-colored objects, and allows for easy acquisition of human hair.  It captures 3D body data quickly and smoothly, with auto-compensation of slight movements to eliminate misalignment risks.

EinScan H2 features high precision, high resolution of scanned data down to 0.2 mm and an accuracy of 0.05 mm/m.

3D laser and structured light scanning systems

Established in 2004, SHINING 3D has dedicated over 18 years to the research and development, manufacturing, and application of high-precision 3D digital products.

As a scientific and technological innovation enterprise with the aim of providing accessible, efficient and cutting-edge solutions, SHINING 3D focuses on the development of high-precision 3D digitizing and 3D printing devices. The company is committed to offering comprehensive solutions, ranging from 3D digitizing and CAD design to manufacturing and inspection. Their product lineup includes handheld 3D scanners, desktop 3D scanners, and 3D inspection systems.

SHINING 3D has developed proprietary core technologies in areas such as LED light 3D scanners, 3D laser scanners, dual light source scanning, automated high-precision 3D visual inspection, portable optical tracking measurement systems, 3D visual AI guidance, and DLP digital light processing.

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