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Medical teleconsultation

Accessible telemedicine to everyone, anytime, anywhere.

Medical teleconsultation

Accessible telemedicine to everyone, anytime, anywhere.


Teleconsultation is a solution that enables healthcare professionals to conduct remote consultations, facilitating video calls between both professionals and patients at various stages – from the request, through planning, to conclusion – while monitoring data for statistics. The platform allows for file sharing, archiving, report generation, and digital signatures, simplifying the teleconsultation process. This solution is now ready to be presented in the prestigious context of MEDICA, one of the world’s largest B2B medical trade fairs, taking place in Düsseldorf from November 13 to 16, 2023.


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Telemedicine is not just a way to access specialized medical services from home but also an opportunity to plan the most suitable diagnostic and therapeutic choices for everyone. In the context of telemedicine, teleconsultation represents a service that facilitates communication between specialists, doctors, and healthcare professionals through remote consultation, with or without the direct participation of the patient, to simplify clinical decision-making and promote more convenient healthcare interventions.


During the project, Teoresi focused on defining solutions to:

  • Facilitate consultations with multiple doctors and remote visits.
  • Enable effective video calls between patients and doctors.
  • Optimize the digital signature process, report generation, and attachment management.
Our added Values

Teoresi made a substantial contribution to the design and development of the teleconsultation solution, leveraging its deep expertise in integrated software development processes and HMI. Furthermore, a crucial role was played from the co-design phase to software validation.

 In more general terms, the application of teleconsultation services allows:

  • Streamlining treatment and diagnosis plans, thanks to the ability to make decisions more quickly.
  • Reducing diagnosis times.
  • Connecting hub & spoke centers for rare or highly specialized conditions.
  • Improving triage accuracy.
A gateway to specialized medical care anywhere

Vree Teleconsultation has been designed to provide doctors with the ability to conduct remote consultations, facilitating video calls with professionals and patients. The service has the following features:

  • Teleconsultation request: The general practitioner can request a consultation with a specialist based on their availability.
  • Video call: Each teleconsultation creates a virtual room for conducting video calls.
  • Document creation: In addition to the ability to attach documents, the system automatically generates a PDF containing a complete summary of the consultation.
  • Report generation: The specialist can generate a report and digitally sign it at the end of the teleconsultation.
  • Sending it to the repository.
  • Teleconsultation status statistics: The system allows for monitoring teleconsultations for statistical purposes.
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Teoresi is a reliable partner, appreciated for both its technical expertise and innovative approach to work. The Teoresi team provided high-level support, playing a crucial role in the development of the Teleconsultation solution. Additionally, their flexibility and ability to adapt to any challenge were highly appreciated, making them an indispensable collaborator.

Marco Monciardini – Ass. Director, Client Innovation Service Vree Health Marco Monciardini Ass. Director, Client Innovation Service Vree Health
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