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Electronic Systems

Electronic Systems


Every day people interact, both consciously and unconsciously, with a range of very different electronic systems in every environment they live and move within; intelligent objects that require development and integration with both hardware and software components.

Intuitive, stable graphic interfaces, networks and systems of connectivity in Cloud mode ensure maximum performance in terms of usability; at the same time, the monitoring of large amounts of data allows the customer experience to be constantly improved. 

With teams that can engage with the various areas of information technology, such as telecommunications, automation, computer science and bioengineering, Teoresi has a well-established capacity in terms of the development of electronic systems and the production of components that can be applied across all areas, from home appliances to the biomedical sector.

The development of versatile solutions in accordance with the “embedded everywhere” approach is a key factor in marking the transition to a new phase of technology.

Teoresi stands out for the extensive skills and knowledge it boasts, making it an accredited and innovative partner in a multi-purpose market that is subject to constant and significant growth.

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