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automotiveThe latest developments in the automotive sector are characterized, on the one hand, by the development of hybrid and electric engines, on the other, by concept cars which are increasingly connected and equipped with driving assistance systems and the necessary intelligence to autonomously accomplish an increasing number of actions.

The goal of the future is to reach the technological revolution of driverless cars, a scenario which includes the paradigm of the Internet of Thing – IoT – the C2C and C2I – car to car and car to infrastructure – where the connected car is able to communicate with the other vehicles in circulation and with connected objects, highlighting important technological challenges and significant information security issues. Increasingly intelligent cars, able to converse with the driver and entertain passengers, require usable and ergonomic user interfaces, developed in accordance with the latest progresses in the field of HMI and infotainment. They require also high standards of safety and reliability of all the components through rigorous testing procedures and hardware and software validation, which are the basis of the functioning of the car subsystems.

The Teoresi group supports the major players in this field, covering all the areas of development of the automotive industry, collaborating with car manifacturers – OEMs – and their Tier 1 suppliers, and plays an important role in complex projects involving every aspect of the functioning of the vehicle dynamics, making Teoresi a well-rounded supplier for every aspect of the vehicle design.


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