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The automotive industry is increasingly moving towards vehicles that are connected, electrically-powered, shared and autonomous, based upon different ecosystems of platforms. These ecosystems will be animated by agile technology companies, from a host of different sectors. This is a process of bona fide digital reinvention across the sector, where the choice of vehicle will be primarily influenced by the buyer’s personal digital experience.

At Teoresi, we design cutting-edge solutions along the entire supply chain, from prototyping to the engineering of electrical, electronic and telematics systems and components that are installed on board vehicles. We provide solutions for the management, control and safety of vehicles, as well as for the comfort of end users.

We have fully embraced the goal of total decarbonisation, and have accelerated development in the sector of hybrid and electric motors. We are also investing in research and development focused on connected, autonomous vehicles.

Today, the green economy calls upon us to reconsider the very idea of what a car is. We are working on cutting-edge solutions in terms of connectivity, artificial intelligence, user experience and safety.
Teoresi responds in a timely and efficient manner to time-to-market requirements, with an approach to design that favours work packages and end-to-end solutions.

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