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railThe railway sector, one of the most traditional transportation system, is experiencing a significant development process, thanks to its high technology content and its green and sustainable aspects.

The innovation process focuses on High Speed and High Capacity railway systems, expressing its excellence in the innovation of critical subsystems of rail vehicles. These are strategic components that requires the highest level of quality in relation to safety critical standards, interoperability among national railway systems, and more generally improving the efficiency at any  level, from infrastructures to environmental sustainability, from on board to off board technologies. This is compounded by the study of new mobility management models and intermodality between train, air and commercial vehicles service in order to improve services efficiency and effectiveness.

Teoresi Group supports its Railway sector clients, cooperating with the major market players for the design, development, integration and qualification of on-board train subsystems and simulators, infrastructures, using the best practices, advanced technologies and top level standards of the sector.


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