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The green economy is driving innovation towards energy savings and sustainability. The railway sector is rising to the challenge, whilst aiming for ongoing improvements in the performance of means of transport, which are becoming increasingly reliable, fast and connected. Trains, trams and underground trains will also soon be connected to non-rail vehicles, in a single integrated mobility solution.

A future in which Teoresi can play a strategic role, alongside the leading international players in the railway sector. 
Teoresi has extensive expertise in the development and validation of TCMS (Train Control Monitoring Systems), the electronic control and monitoring system on board that is often referred to as “the brain of the train”. The correct operation of on-board control units is crucial in order to ensure the safety and reliability of both passenger and freight transport. It also guarantees the provision of essential services and information on travel, as well as an internet connection and entertainment offerings (thanks to the Passenger Information System) that enrich the customer experience.

Signalling systems represent another area of fundamental importance to which we dedicate our work: the constant connection of the vehicle with the traffic control systems located throughout the railway network provides the foundation for the safety and efficiency of this means of transport.

Teoresi supports its customers in all phases of the railway engineering process to achieve the implementation and validation of safety-critical software that is specifically designed for the sector.

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